Update on my resolutions…

Day Two of WordPress assignments – I’ve managed to change the title and tagline – I may change them again, let’s see.

Writing update – I’ve had a rejection from one magazine that I pitched an article to.   They said they had too many recent submissions and were short of space, otherwise they liked my article.  Never mind, onwards and upwards.   I have two others that I have yet to hear back from.

Diet update – it’s just not happening yet.   I need to get in the right mind set.  I’ll get there, but not this week….

Other news – today we had a look round a couple of local marinas with a view to reserving a berth when we bring our yacht back from Greece to UK later this year.  We may have to live aboard for a while from  mid-September, so I was taking a careful look at the facilities like electricity, water, laundrette, closeness of shops etc.   If I have to live aboard, I’m not slumming it!

Next, I’ll tell you about the cat…..


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