Blog advice needed….


I still feel my blog needs more work.   It’s just going to turn out a mish-mash of unrelated topics, which no-one will really be interested in.

You expert bloggers out there … Is it better to focus on just one thing in your blog, eg just write about how I want to be a freelance writer?  Is it better to have a separate blog for sailing, sewing, photography, grandchildren, the cat, etc, or should I just add these as separate pages to my general blog?

Im thinking that my first suggestion is best, because people who live on a boat like me won’t particularly like sewing, and people who have grandchildren won’t necesssarily like reading about photography… Any suggestions gratefully received!



4 thoughts on “Blog advice needed….

  1. Hi Georgie! Thanks for following my blog. First, I think you should try to stick to the 101 course, I did both 101 and 201 and found them useful, but don’t worry if you don’t do all the assignments, you can always go back to some points later. Don’t get bogged down, just carry on. Also, I think you should write about everything – if people are not interested in one post, they’ll just skip it. But I find that if you’re following someone’s adventures on a boat, for example, you feel you get to know them and are interested in their grandchildren. If you feel one subject is a little technical, i.e. Sewing, you can always put it on a separate page and mention it occasionally in passing so people don’t forget about it. Good luck!

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    • Thank you so much for your useful comments. I will try to stick with the Blogging 101 course, but I’m so bad at WordPress I don’t even know how simple things like how to use the Reader, and don’t understand about tags and categories, but I’m looking forward to being enlightened.
      By the way, I love love love your blog, firstly because I love all things Greek as that’s where we sail, and secondly I love the way it is laid out, and one day I wish mine was as good as yours….


      • It will be, don’t worry! Just keep going and if all is not perfect at the start, who cares? FYI, think of categories as chapters, with each post belonging to one chapter. Tags are like an index, they can be longer, more fun and fanciful. Hope that helps… And thanks for the compliment, it’s much appreciated!


  2. I know a lot of blogs that are ‘everything under the sun’, and are successful with it. I prefer the thematic blogs, but it’s good to see those who deviate from the theme from time to time. You should avoid monotony.
    Anywho, when everything is said and done, it’s your blog so it’s your personality that you want to appear on your blog.


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