Hello dream reader….

My name is Georgie and I live on a yacht in Greece (most of the time) with my husband Tim and a Greek cat called Artemis.  We are currently back in the UK until April, and Artemis has a temporary foster home, so my blogs at the moment aren’t really representative of what I do.

In my spare time I occasionally write articles for the various UK yachting magazines.  I have two in the pipeline st the moment.  I like taking photographs, I like sewing, and cooking.  Very domesticated!   I have four grandchildren aged 3 and under.   I also like doing easy cryptic crosswords and playing Scrabble online.

I have started this Blogging 101 course twice before, but not got further than the first week.   I find it gets too difficult, as they expect you to know things already – for example – “Make sure it’s not a clickable hyperlink”…  Now that’s already put me off, I have no idea what this means!

So so my ideal reader of my blog will be some one who maybe lives on a boat or sails one, who likes writing and photography, maybe cooking and sewing, and maybe has grandchildren or a cat, and is a WordPress genius, but I’m sure there’s no-one who meets all these criteria, so I’ll settle for you having one or two!

i don’t want my blog to be one of those where I pour my heart out, reveal innermost secrets, tell you my health problems or require deep therapy after an outpouring of emotional turmoil.   I also don’t want to discuss politics or world events.  I want to keep thinks light, tell you about things that happen to me, sometimes humorous.    As I travel a lot, I will occasionally describe where we have been, and include photos.  I might tell you what my cat has been doing.   If I get stuck on a crossword clue, I would like you to help me.  So if you like the sound of even a little bit of me, please follow me and leave the occasional comment!





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