Family photo…


What is your earliest memory?

It’s said you can’t remember much before you are three, and that’s somewhat true for me. But I’m sure I can remember my brother coming home from hospital, after he was born, and I was only just two, but maybe I’m just remembering what someone told me.

The photo above was taken in 1958.  I can just about remember.   I must have been almost three, and my brother, also in the photo, was almost one.  The three ladies are sisters.  My mother on the right is holding me, and the other two are my aunties, Jean and Margaret.   My mum is dead now, she left us in 2000.  Sadly, my brother is no longer with us, he died in June 2014.    Margaret and Jean are still very much alive though, aged 82 and 80 and still going strong.

The photo was taken near Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, NE England.

Have you got any special family photos to show?


One thought on “Family photo…

  1. My earliest memory is from the winter of 1947 just before my third birthday. Coal stocks were frozen and could not be moved and my mum had to take me to a local coal stockyard in the pushchair, collect her ration of logs which went into the chair and so I had to walk home holding onto the cold metal frame. The fuel depot (which was in Elers Road, Ealing is long gone and is now a block of flats).

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