I’m a floating gypsy…

Having recovered from my blogging meltdown the other day, yesterday in a renewed flurry of blogging activity I looked at many blogs and posted many comments.   One blog in particular caught my attention, because they had left a comment on my blog saying something like “we are both travellers”.  I instantly felt something in common with Leah, who has a blog called traveltastecreate . what we have in common is a love of travel, adventure, and finding ourselves in new places.  I like the way that Leah has incorporated a map to show where she currently is, and also how she is revealing bits about herself at a time.

I also consider myself a traveller, and some people have also called me a wandering gypsy.  Now, I don’t wear a headscarf, tell fortunes and tour the country in a multicoloured horse-drawn caravan (a multicoloured caravan, not a horse). I am more of a floating gypsy, as I live on a boat and spend most of the year floating round the Greek islands.

Of course, there’s good and bad things about living on a boat, I found this image which illustrates the first of these quite well…


Next time, I’ll tell you about some of the bad things about living on a boat…




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