A mind confused….


I’m very confused.   I’ve read lots of blogs this week, everything from making chocolate chip cookies to serious book reviews, from personal ramblings to helpful ways to lose weight, from running marathons, to how to improve your life.  My WordPress skills obviously need more work, or else I could have put in a nifty little link after each of these, to lead you to the actual blog, but that requires a huge amount of effort on my part, and as I’ve not been awake long, and writing this in bed, I promise to do better next time.

We’ve been encouraged to comment, comment and comment again on other’s blogs.  I’ve mostly been nice to people, as people are nice to me, but maybe we should spice things up a bit and say what we really mean sometimes.   I wouldn’t mind if people gave me honest comments, it might improve my blog!

You could write things like “I don’t want to hear what your bl**dy cat had for breakfast!”

Or, “your ramblings about how awful your life is, is just downright boring!”

Or – “…who cares if you live on a boat and all you can see is turquoise water….”

I said I was confused.  I’m confused because I’m worried that blogging is just Twitter or Facebook for people who can’t restrict themselves to a word limit and want to show off lots of pretty photos.  Do we want a back and forward conversation with people who make a comment on your blog?

I read your post it was awesome!”

“Thank you, I think your blog is awesome too, what font are you using?”

“It’s a new font called serendipity.  Hey what is the name of your theme?”Etc Etc.

I’m sure that Jonathan James Olivier would have something to say about all this, he wrote a great post on bloggers and blogging recently, which is what got me thinking about my blog and its purpose.    What do you all think about this?  Does it matter if you blog is just an extension of social media, or should it be more than this?

I’m confused…..


60 thoughts on “A mind confused….

  1. I think it’s a way to coerce with like-minded people. Blogging tends to attract people who have higher attention spans compared to the audience of Facebook and Twitter users. Freedom of expression where honest feedback is encouraged regardless of how anyone feels about it. It’s a way promote to a wider audience and to expect more from your readers. WordPress is great. Much better than social media, in my opinion.

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  2. Confusion is always a good thing, as it’s a starting point for exploration of what lies out there!

    My blogging reasons are more on the selfish side, as I want to create more access to my photography and get feedback on it, so that, ultimately, I can produce better images that have the potential of selling and create a second career. When I look at a lot of other people’s blogs, I tend to be most pulled in by those that either show a clear direction of where they want to take their blog, or they are honestly exploring something, be it how to communicate through blogs, their deep, dark inner side, or that potential novel (I actually follow a blog that is turning into a novel).

    Blogging is definitely about self-expression to a more complete degree than FB, Twitter or Instagram, which provides opportunity to get a better defined message across. Comments are very much a way to engage, and, I can already see, provide a lifeblood to keep blogs evolving.

    Just my 2c!

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  3. I treat my blog like a public journal about my personal finance. Every so often I ask what my readers would like to see and try to deliver. Blogging is so personal that I think people hesitate to say they hate something.
    I base interest on the number of likes I receive from my followers and if I notice a post seems to increase my followers. Recipe posts are pretty popular.
    Of course this doesn’t stop me from posting things that no one likes, I find it useful to see my weekly spending checks.
    I think blogging is a way if finding like minded people while still expressing yourself. If this blog completely centred around your cat’s meals I’d unfollow you but I do love hearing about your cat and all these other aspects of your life.

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    • I promise I’m not going to write about what the cat had for breakfast! (Not very often, anyway!). It’s interesting to see how the number of likes can affect you, I certainly pay attention to this! But it’s a learning curve – I wrote a post on a random topic of family photos and early memories and had virtually no likes! At least I know the sort of topic that may not work in the future. I’ve also learnt that posting a short comment on The Commons led to the most comments on post on my blog that I’ve had so far. Good luck to you….

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  4. Tbh, if I come across a blog I find boring or that deals with a topic I don’t care about, I don’t read on. There’s too much stuff out there I want to read, so I’ll go and find it instead of tell someone I don’t know that I think their writing is uninteresting. Who am I to judge, somebody else might need to read about it… Also, blogging is supposed to be fun. If your cat’s brekkie is what you love writing about, that’s what you should write about 🙂

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    • Thanks for your reply. What you say is very true! I tend to do the same, and skip through blogs I find uninteresting. But maybe we should say so and comment on this, so they will know? Yes, I want blogging to be fun and not too serious. So maybe I’ll write about the cat’s breakfast once in a while…


  5. Thank you for your post. At least you have managed to read many posts, I found one or two, yours especially which clicked with me, but then I did not know where they disappeared to. My main aim in Blogging or attempting to, is to get my art ‘out there’. I have no time or inclination to read how to bring up kids, mind have all flown the nest long ago.

    I too am confused. I feel an absolute failure as I have not managed to do half the assignments……….and I had hoped that this would be simple. I do like to imagine what it must be to be a fan dancer on the blue, blue – ( or sometimes very grey) sea. Sounds romantic, but you are on call all the time. I wonder how your cat stays on board without any mice to chase. However, they seem to sleep their lives away, so as long as there is a soft cushion somewhere they are happy. Even though you are confused……I have found your blogs interesting.

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    • Thanks for making time to reply, and your relevant comments. I feel your pain – I have started this blogging101 course three times! This is the furthest I’ve got. My hint would be, to just play neighbour blog as much as you can, just getting used to the sidebar, drop down menus etc. Then be brave and change someaning, however small. That’s the stage I think I’m at. Don’t worry if you don’t do all the tasks, some might not be relevant to you. You are certainly not a failure!

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  6. Full disclosure: I’m doing this for Blogging 101! I’ve been trying to actively respond to the posts themselves, not just put ‘great post!’ with a thumbs up emoji. I get a lot of responses like that on Instagram and they’re so insincere they’re almost funny.

    I think blogging is bigger than social media, if you want it to be – there’s more space to work with, more tools to add pictures and videos and links. But if you’d rather do the long version of a Twitter post, that’s fine. It’s your blog. 🙂

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  7. In my opinion, how you see blogging solely depends on your motivation to blog in the first place. I don’t feel that it’s an extension of social media because on a blog, which is floating on the net forever, people…strangers, many of them, are investing valuable time in their lives reading what we have to say. Time that can’t be taken back. So don’t we owe it to them to have something constructive written as a pay-off for the life/time investment we’ve been given?

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  8. Actually, I think blogging, Twitter, and Facebook have symbiotic relationship. Once a person has blogged, finding that perfect titled so when it’s automatically tweeted (this can be set up in widgets) to get the attention of other tweeters out there brings more traffic to the block. Plus if the block is connected to your Facebook page (this can be arranged on Twitter), it will bring even more traffic.Then you have many more people to read what you have said in all three places as you grow a fan club of sorts–people who want to turn in to you on some social media outlet to listen to what you have to say and that all goes back to your block so forget about being boring and be YOU. Write about you–what you’re interested in, what you care about, what touches you, what pisses you off, and be generous to others. Take an interest in them and support their work, too. It’s a fun and rewarding experience. And I think the fact that you live on a boat is the coolest thing ever!! I’d definitely love to read a post about it! Hope something I said here helps. Take care. — LC

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    • @kiwinana Thank you and that stinks. I forget, too but in the middle of the night I found another link that was deleted. I think some people are getting so frustrated with the class, they feel inferior and make snap decisions to just close their blogs all togther:((

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      • @laura certa, actually I think it’s all of use newbies playing around with the settings on ours sites that create black holes for people to fall into. WordPress created an account for me that I’ve never heard of… and thus, everyone thinks I gave up the blog. Weird.

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  9. I’m with you. I don’t think our blogs should be a showing-off place, for that I’d go to Facebook (and that’s why I don’t go there as often). In my blog I want to build strong relationships. I want honesty and yes, criticism that will help improve my blog (and myself). With my blog I want to help people.

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      • Oh, and worse. People that just comment to get more traffic in their own blogs, instead of contributing to the post they are commenting on. This, I see a lot and would like it to disappear. Blogging should be making meaningful connections and have deep conversations. The chit-chat should be held to Facebook and other social media.

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      • I agree with your first comment, but I don’t always think deep conversations are necessary, or what everyone wants. Some blogs are lighthearted or funny and have loads of followers.

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      • That’s true! Sometimes we need to chill out a bit. That’s nothing wrong with those kinds of blogs, I follow some of them indeed. What I meant is that blogs are usually more deeper than social media, because we have more space to share our thoughts and opinions. Not that we don’t do it on the last.

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  10. Oh gottcha! Well, some people have better lives than others at different points in their lives but we ALL have problems. Some people were taught not to air their dirty laundry in public, so to speak. I was one of these people. My mom wants to read the story about my sister but she may be upset about how openly personal I’ve been on my blog. I don’t enjoy upsetting my mother but I’m an adult and it’s my blog. I’ve warned her advance so *shrug*

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  11. @Nicia I almost always answer back when someone comments on my blog. They’ve taken time out their day to come there and read what I wrote AND then comment. Unless the convo has run it’s course, or they are being inappropriate. I enjoy deep and meaningful convos and I enjoy laughing, though for those who have read my blog, I tend to blog on the serious side. It hasba been a dark time the last 5 yrs, personally and I’m passionate about a lot of subjects that are extremely serious to me. So I am Sweden on this one and consider you both right, lol.

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  12. I would definitely agree that CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is a necessity for growth and direction but most people who don’t like something in the blogging world just give up reading it at a certain point and click off. That is the reality. So the correction has to be done on your own. Post things and figure out what works and what doesn’t, IF that matters to you.

    I can tell you as an author it can be frustrating when the fiction things I put on my site get next to no traffic but when I write a post about Disney Princesses it breaks the count meter. This is the same thing many have touched on early in the comments. What I have found with long form writing on blogs in my own reading experience though is that if it doesn’t grab me in the first two paragraphs I will click off as well. Why? Because we have a LOT of stuff to wade through and if it doesn’t appeal it’s not terrible to move on.

    I have also learned to temper this a bit. I will post things about my opinions, as I did in the piece on blogging, http://olivierfiction.com/2016/01/14/of-blogging-and-followers-blogging-101/, but I will also post my writing. The opinion pieces and short things will garner more attention, but that attention brings more attention and interest in YOU as well. What does this mean? It means that the first deep post you make about your family and life may get 1 view and zero likes… but then you post your opinion about something that gets 100 views and 20 likes. The NEXT post you make about your family will get 8 views (or something to the effect) and 3 likes. Do it again, and you will continue to boost up the OTHER writing you do. It is a long term process, this blogging thing.

    Again, this all comes down to why you blog. Do you blog to have more people reading and commenting on your stuff, or do you blog just for your own edification. I think anyone who is honest with themselves can admit that they blog because they want people to read it (or else you would not post it on the internet) If someone reads it for you, the majority of people would like to know what they thought of it. You want to grow your readership. I think this is natural. What that means is creating a posting balance. Post some things that are more facebook crowd friendly to get the traffic up and then post your more meaningful things. As long as what you are posting is something YOU are happy to post. DON’T post drivel just for the traffic. That is despicable. In my unfiltered opinion 🙂

    PS – I am SO sorry this is so long.

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    • You are clearly a very experienced blogger! As a newbie blogger I think we all want feedback of some sort to start with, so tend to post randomly in order to find the post which ‘hits the spot’ and assure ourselves that people can actually see it and that the reply button works. Thanks for your useful comments, I agree there’s no point writing drivel for the masses! No need to apologise for your words…. Have s nice weekend.

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  13. Hello fandancer,
    Funny to find JJ Oliver right above me cause I followed a bunny trail onto his site and just left a comment on the subject of blogging. I wanted to add an experience of mine. Well. Someone made a comment on my post and I found it patronizing as hell. I disliked it. In real life I would have had a harsh cut on it (I don’t mean insults, just razor sharp reply)
    But since we’re all in this boat 😉 together I can’t quite piss someone off that precisely took some time to read my shit! So where does one draw the line if one wants to speak true?
    I was afraid of indifference and I realize now I was so convinced no one was gonna read me for real that I never thought of the possibility of someone leaving a comment that made me feel “that guy didn’t get it at all!” which still misses the point of sharing and understanding. I want to be true. But I don’t want to feel like I’m fishing for comments, it fakes the whole experience!
    Regards to everyone,

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    • Interesting! It’s all a question of balance. Like JJ says, you can post some trashy stuff to get hundreds of likes and comments, or you can post serious stuff which is more meaningful to you, but maybe no-one will read it. I think I will try and alternate between the two!

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    • I think I know of which post you are referring to and it would have set me off too. That person, if I am correct in my assumption, is one of those life guru salesmen who have found a life philosophy and can’t be satisfied unless he ‘sells’ you on it. I am right there with you on the ‘cutting’ response.

      It goes in with authors who comment to say, ‘buy my book!’ He only commented to say, ‘buy my philosophy on life’ and did so in a condescending way.

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  14. I think your blog should be “you” all around, or whatever you want to focus on, and it is up to others whether they want to read it or comment on it. I’m all for honest stories and honest comments. I do prefer them to no comments! 🙂

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  15. Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s little things like this that keep me going! I often ask myself what and who is my blog for! It’s nice to see that others are reading my posts, I don’t think I could just do it for myself with no readers.


  16. For me a blog should be what you want it to be, say what you want it to say. I write for myself and don’t go looking for followers – which is perhaps just as well as I don’t have many! What I love is when people I’ve never met stumble on the blog and stick with it because they enjoy what they read. Equally I hate it when you get random “likes” for posts which you know from the stats they haven’t read but just want you to check their blog out. Keep it real. Genuinely loving your blog, by the way!


  17. Thanks for reading my blog and for your kind comments! Little things like that keep me going. I do like blogging, it’s very addictive! Have a good weekend.


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