Do you need a prompt?




I’m new to blogging and started this Blogging 101 course three times, and this is the furthest I’ve got with it.   Thanks to everyone who is following my blog.  50 followers isn’t many in the greater scale of things, but it makes me feel good!

I’ve enjoyed today’s task – to read other’s blogs on the same prompt and comment on two of them.  My chosen daily prompt -

was an old one, from November 2015, and I wondered if any of the blogs were still active.

The blog posts that I read were –

Road trip!

who writes about road trips and days out from Texas.

one blogger who is still active, is

who writes about Manchester travel, and how you can get from Lands End end to John O Groats by public transport.  Very useful information here.

Another interesting interpretation of the prompt was on the following blog,

who writes a post in the form of a short poem, which really makes you think if travel is necessary at all.  I normally shy away from poems but I enjoyed reading it.

Another original interpretation was posted on

who chose a form of travel in literature, and wrote about the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter books.  The post included some good images.

Lots of the posts based on this this prompt were written about personal road trips or journeys they had undertaken, which I didn’t find that interesting to read, as I often didnt know the places they were describing.  So I tried to find ones that interpreted the prompt in a more original way.   I liked the following one, which describes etiquette when travelling on a plane.

And finally, I did look at a famous road trip – travelling on Route 66.  Lots of excellent photos and a map on this blog.

Ihope you will check out some of these excellent blogs!

Please comment....

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