A Food Quiz for you…


As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d provide you with a little food quiz to get your brain working…

I can’t claim credit for all the questions, the Internet is a great resource!
Answers tomorrow!

1 What ingredient makes bread rise?
2 What is the European dish calamari?
3 What is the main ingredient used in guacamole?
4 What food does the Giant Panda mainly eat?
5 What are the four main ingredients of a Waldorf salad?
6 What is the main ingredient of Hummus?
7 What is the main export out of Cuba?
8 What is Venison?
9 What is Tofu made of?
10 Which country does parmesan cheese originate from?
11 What type of cake is traditionally eaten at Christmas time in Italy?
12 From which country does Feta cheese originate?
13 Fajitas are widely eaten in which country?
14 Which nuts are used to make marzipan?
15 Which vegetable is better known as zucchini?



10 thoughts on “A Food Quiz for you…

  1. Well, I’ll take a chance on these and look forward to seeing how I do tomorrow.

    1 Yeast
    2 Squid
    3 Avocado
    4 Bamboo
    5 Apples, walnuts, whipping cream or mayo, marshmallows
    6 Chickpeas
    7 Cigars
    8 Deer meat
    9 Soybeans
    10 Italy
    11 Don’t know
    12 Greece
    13 Mexico
    14 Almonds
    15 Courgette
    That was fun! Thank you.


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