Nautical trivia quiz – answers



1 What famous explorer is associated with a ship called the Beagle?
Charles Darwin

2 What is a ship’s or boat’s diary called?
The log.

3 What type of boat has twin hulls?

4 The word POSH was an abbreviation for cabin bookings made by wealthy passengers on ships going to the east. What does the acronym mean?
Port Out, Starboard Home

5 What fictional vessel did Captain Nemo command?

6 In the 60’s, who took a ferry across the Mersey?
Gerry and the Pacemakers

7 Name the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of 1878, about navy life?
HMS Pinafore

8 What vessel did Shirley Temple sing about the in the 1934 film ’Bright Eyes’?
The Good Ship Lollipop

10 In which European city might you travel in a gondola?

11 Which millionaire built The Spruce Goose flying boat?
Howard Hughes



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