Writing about cats and boats….

imageI set up this blog to write about life aboard our yacht Fandancer. We live aboard her in the summer, in Greece. For the last few winters we have left Fandancer in Greece and come back to the UK so I can spend some time with my young grandchildren, so I don’t miss them growing up from babies. We have a cat with us on our yacht, a Greek cat called Artemis. She is a well travelled cat, and we brought her back to the UK again this year, but unfortunately she is not allowed to stay in this rented property, so she is being looked after by relatives until we return to Greece in April, when she will come back with us again.

So I have no current boat stories for you, and no cat to write about! I’m feeling a bit of a fraud…..

I also set up this blog to help me with my writing skills. I have written several articles for yacht magazines, and now want to branch out and write other things. I even have a couple of books inside me, but so far, I’ve only written the page numbers….. Haha! I am trying to write something every day, so I can get in the habit of writing. This is why my blog has been an eclectic mix of random things – quizzes, trivia, cat news, recipes, photos, personal events etc.


In terms of writing – I’m fairly pleased with myself so far this year. I have had two more articles accepted for future publication in yacht magazines. I have also submitted something to a letters page of a magazine, and I have entered two writing competitions! One was a free entry to a Readers’ Digest 100 word story (much more difficult than it sounds) and the other was a paid entry to a 4000 memoir competition – maybe I was being too hopeful here, but it was cathartic to write.


imageFinally, the other day I answered a request from someone on a new Facebook travel site who was looking for women who live aboard boats to write about their experiences for a new website. I sent her some of my previous writings and she has commissioned me to write some regular pieces for them! So watch this space……


6 thoughts on “Writing about cats and boats….

  1. Congratulations on all your successes! Impressive. They show your persistence and belief in yourself. I’d be just as interested to hear about your UK adventures, as I’ve never had the privilege of visiting there, so don’t slow down just because you’re landlocked!

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    • Thank you! I would recommend you keep a diary and take lots of photos of everything. One day you might want to use them for an article!


  2. I am curious to know about the transition from boat life in Greece to UK land lubber… there must be so many things about daily life that are incredibly different. There must be many adjustments each time you switch it up.


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