How to make your blog more attractive….


Although you may have only been blogging for a very short while, it’s obviously worthwhile doing everything you can to get people to look at your posts. Surely this is the point of choosing to have a blog in the first place? Why bother writing something if no-one is going to read it? I’m sometimes surprised that some bloggers don’t make much effort to help their readers.

While skimming through the WordPress Reader at posts I’d ‘liked’ and saved, I was thinking about what made me pay closer attention to some posts and not others. What made me stay on a page and read a post, but discard others? If I haven’t read anything from that author before, how do I decide to read it or forget it?


Firstly, if a post has too much content, if I scroll down and there’s pages of writing without being broken up with photos, diagrams or similar, I am unlikely to read it. Sorry, but time is precious and I get bored easily. I want instant gratification. I want to know if it’s worth reading. So, good photos are attractive to me.

I am attracted to paragraph headings, and short paragraphs. I don’t like fussy fonts or tiny writing. One of the most important factors is the title of the post. “What I did on Saturday” or “Musings of a mum” might be very personal and relevant to you, or your immediate family and friends, but I don’t really want to read your personal diary. Whereas – “Five Ways to Improve Your Weekend” or “Secrets of Family Harmony” might just get me to pause a little longer…..


What makes you linger longer on someone’s blog? Is it easy to find their pages? Can you find the comment box quickly, if you want to reply? Are you attracted to some layouts and not others?
I’d really like to make my own blog more attractive, so I’m now going to look for some blogs that I find pleasing to the eye and keep me interested, and I’ll learn from them. – I’ll be reporting back soon……

3 thoughts on “How to make your blog more attractive….

  1. Those are true for me as well. I try to keep my posts under 500 words. If it’s more pictures, tables and headings are definitely included.
    I read a lot of blogs on my phone so what seems like a short paragraph on a desktop can be miles of text on the small screen.
    Looking forward to your report 🙂

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  2. I have been thinking about this lately, as well. I am attracted to a mixed bag.

    Generally, good photography and graphics grab my attention.

    Good writing is essential; I can only tolerate so many mistakes. Edit, edit, edit!

    I gravitate to topics of interest, but humour and snappy writing will keep me, regardless of relavence.

    Personality. Let me see who you are. Why do I want to read about your travels, cooking, family, pets.. and not those of another blogger? I meed to feel like I am getting to know you as a person.

    Is there a point to a story? Don’t just rattle on about a topic. Give me a story to relate to. Otherwise, it’s just another post in a million.

    OK… those are a few of my initial thoughts. Good question for us all to continue asking as we improve our work.

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  3. Absolutely spot on. I’m a bit of a speed reader and I like to have visuals to support the text. I’ve just been having a tidy up of my messy sidebar, adding some menus instead. I noticed that the blogs I’m attracted to point you in the right direction with their menus and widgets, so I’ve been having a go. I’m wondering about a theme change but having had one disaster and seeming to lose everything (only to be re-found later, thankfully) I’m just holding back on that one. I added Grammarly, which is really helpful as I do speed through everything.
    Your paragraph headings suggestion is a good one, the under 500 words suggestion above from is a good point too and Leah’s overview hit’s the nail on the head. My blog aim currently is that of a neat site, grammatically correct and keep it short, a work-in-progress!


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