Blogging is exhausting!


I’ve only been blogging for a month,

….after joining the Blogging 101 course for the third time after two false starts, hence the name of my blog, I now have over 70 followers! Hahaha I hear you snigger, that’s nothing! But I’m really pleased. Who are these people? Are they still blogging?

I literally would spend the whole day on my iPad, blogging, if I could.

I’m addicted. When my husband walks in the room, I quickly switch to the news site, or tell him what the weather is like, to make him think I’m doing something more worthwhile. It’s a good job I deleted Candy Crush and Bubble Witch as my new year’s resolution, or I swear I wouldn’t have time to go to bed!


This is how my blogging day normally goes …

On waking, I check emails, which tell me I have new comments to follow up on my blog, and a new follower. I look at their site to see if I want to follow them back. I make comments on any bloggers who have commented on mine. I look at my site to see the statistics. They’ve gone down on days I haven’t posted anything. I must edit and post something new which I started writing last night. Or I try to think of something new to post later. So much pressure!

I’ve had my first tweet!

I’m not good at Twitter, never really got into it, but have linked my new posts to Twitter. I can’t remember my Twitter password so have to get a new one and wait for the email link. I change my password and have a quick look at Twitter and get distracted by celebrity gossip. Make a mental note to get “Twitter for Dummies” from the library next time I’m in town.

Blogging award!

I try to find an old blog message I saved earlier in the week from a blogger who nominated me for a blogging award. It was like receiving a medal from the queen! I’ve never been nominated for anything before. I read the instructions for nominating other bloggers, which seems complicated. The hardest bit is making a link/Pingback from my site to theirs. I have to nominate ten new bloggers! That’s going to take me all day! What’s the difference between a link and a Pingback?


I decide my own blog needs attention.

I try out several new themes. I don’t like any of them, and revert to my original theme. I fiddle with the widgets. Why have I only got two followers on my new Facebook link? I go to Facebook to check it is working. I waste time reading new Facebook posts from my friends. I decide I need to add sub-pages to one of my blog pages. It takes me a while to discover how to do this. I’m interrupted by another email. Someone else has commented on my recipe post! I write a comment back. Ping! Another new follower!

I try to add a gallery to my blog.

Not so easy using the iPad, I need to upload some photos into the media gallery first, then select them for my blog gallery. I have to use the laptop to email myself some photos to iPad. I get distracted looking at old photos I’d forgotten I’d saved.

I look at Pinterest

…and try to work out how to get my own posts on there. One Pinterest post says using Pinterest has increased her blog traffic by thousands! How? How? What am I missing? I read some Pinterest pages about How to Increase Your Blog Traffic. It seems I must write a post about this very subject to get more followers! I get distracted by Pinterest posts on How to make Money from Blogging, and how to Make Your Blog More Attractive.


Ping! Another email.

I’m told that to be a good blogger I must interact with more bloggers. So I go to the WordPress Reader and look at some recommended sites, and I search for new blogs based on my tags. I spend the next hour or so skimming or reading through other people’ blogs. Ones about family trees, alternative therapies or vegan meals don’t interest me. I want blogs that make me smile, are attractive to look at or have nice photos. God, I’m so shallow….

It’s now three p.m. And I’m still in my pyjamas!

How does anyone have time to get dressed, never mind go to work! This blogging life is a full time occupation! Does anyone else feel like me?




11 thoughts on “Blogging is exhausting!

  1. LOL, so true, we just get sucked into the hype! I’m taking a stand back and reverting to my original aim, but if anyone wants to like me, so be it and its a pleasure to see…we kind of got sucked into it all on the course and yes, it’s apparent, post daily, join into the events, it’s networking. however I’m loving some of it- Brain fuel-tick-tick, keeps you on the ball!

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  2. I can relate! I started stressing a little over my writing goals, responding to awards, changing site appearances, etc. and realized I need to pace myself. I get thrilled with “likes” and comments, but decided not to aggressively seek followers. My favorite part is finding “shallow” (haha) blogs that entertain me!

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  3. Glad you’re enjoying blogging. It is definitely addictive. Hugh sent me here to comment about Pinterest. I get between 5-7000 refers from Pinterest a month, so it’s definitely a good source of traffic. There are plenty of things you can do to get pictures on there. The first is make you’re own images if you’re interested I’ll ping u a post I wrote on how to do that exact thing. Then u need an account and to enable the ability to pin your posts to Pinterest in your WordPress sharing section. Then pin away. Pinning to group boards helps to. I have one you can join if you like šŸ˜šŸ˜ƒ if you want to chat further drop me an email

    Sachablack87 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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  4. Your post brings back so many memories of my early days of blogging. I learned lots over the months and now even write my own posts that include blogging tips. Enjoy it and never let it stress you out. If it starts to get too much then change your blogging habits to make it fun again. There’s loads of information out there to help.

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  5. I feel exactly like that. Waste of time, is it for our own ‘good feeling’ that we need the likes and shares? I actually paint, so have decided not to stress about blogging. No one seems to read them anyway and I really enjoy my painting. Problem is that my whole website has crashed so it means hours of putting it all back together again. I do enjoy your blogs. Keep at it, maybe only write every 2nd day? Then you can get out of your pyjamas and catch up with your life.


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