Hugh’s photo Challenge: week 11 – Rust.

I was just contemplating what my next blog post would be about, when a new email arrived in my inbox, announcing that a blogger I follow had posted something new.

Hugh has announced a new photography challenge.  Now this was attractive to me for two reasons – I like photography, and I like a challenge!   The topic is “Rust”, and I found a suitable photo to post ….

Mercedes lorry circa 1945, apparently it still goes!


I took the photo on the island of Lefkas, Greece, in a village called Vliho.  I have been here several times when we have sailed in this area and always make a habit of going to see if the truck is still there.  I asked a Greek guy in a nearby taverna about it.   Apparently it is a 1945 Mercedes truck, and …. wait for it… still goes!    I find this hard to believe, as it has grass growing up inside the chassis, and it appears to be stuck in a tiny field surrounded by a locked chain link fence.  But you know Greeks, they never throw anything away!  I like to think the truck is resurrected once a year, to help with transporting olives after the harvest.  Who knows?

Do you want to join in the challenge?

Go to Hugh’s page and follow the instructions.     I look forward to seeing your photos.




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