In response to this week’s photo challenge – Vibrant


I took this photo in Greece, in a tiny harbour village called Plaka, also known as Leonidion. The harbour is on mainland Greece, on the eastern Peloponnese, halfway between Navplion in the north, and Monemvasia in the south.  This is possibly one of the most unspoilt places we have been to in Greece.


We arrived by yacht one sultry afternoon in September, and managed to find a space on the busy quay.   In the evening we walked around the tiny harbour and noticed a poster on a wall, announcing the yearly ‘Aubergine Festival’ to be held in the village the next day.  There seemed to be no signs of activity the next day, and we doubted that the festival would take place.   But after the afternoon siesta, things began to spring into life and stalls of home made foods appeared, as well as various fairground attractions, Greek dancers, and even a cooking competition!    I took this photo of the balloon seller as she walked down to the harbour before the evening festivities started.


Greek dancers waiting to perform.


Taverna tables by the harbour side.



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