Blog post ideas are everywhere!

One way of increasing your blog ‘traffic’ is to provide your readers with something they want. It could be a service, such as wedding photography or pet sitting, or just providing knowledge about something. I had a think about what I did yesterday to see if I could write a post offering knowledge or help to my readers …

At 10am I took my 3 year old grandson to Play Planet – an indoor play centre full of tunnels, slides, ball pond, rope swings, other climbing apparatus. Could I blog about this?


“How to survive an hour of hectic play with a toddler”

I spent lunchtime with the three year, old, plus his seven month old brother. It was very hectic trying to play “Star Wars” with the older one, while supervising the younger one who was at the stage of trying to feed himself with finger food.

“Making lunchtime funtime…”


When I retreated to the safety of my own home later, I made some soup for the next day, and also some sausage and tomato pasta for our supper. Two new ideas for providing knowledge!

“Scrumptious spicy squash soup”.

“Making an evening meal from leftovers”.

When everything had been cooked and cleared away, I retreated to my attic room, my haven for sewing and writing. On checking my emails, I found that a magazine article I had submitted several months ago, had been accepted for publication! I have had several articles published in the same yachting magazine and was pleased that they liked my work enough to publish another article.


“How to get articles accepted for magazines”.

I then turned to my sewing projects and decided to finish off a couple of little gifts I was making for presents, and for Valentines day. So far this month I have made, or am in the process of making – two tea cosies, six little fabric boxes to be filled with fudge, a nurse outfit and a Batman outfit, a little rag doll, three felt and hessian Valentine’s hearts filled with lavender.

“Craft projects from scraps”
“Superhero costume for toddler”
“Valentine’s Day gifts”

So it looks like my blogging schedule is full for the next week or so!   When I’ve written the relevant blogs, I’ll provide links from this page so they can be found easily.   If you want to follow this idea, I would urge you to take lots of photos so you can illustrate your blog post.

Unfortunately I have no pictures from my Play Planet experience, (too busy supervising toddler on the high slides), and no photos from playing Star Wars. I always forget to take photos of food preparation, which is just as important as the photo of the end result, if your are explaining a recipe. Also, if you are describing sewing or crafts, it’s really useful to take good photos of every stage of the process.

From now on, whenever I’m planning to do an activity, I’ll make sure I have my camera handy! This afternoon’s plan is “taking a toddler on a bus for the first time”. Juggling a bag, a toddler, a pushchair and other paraphanalia, might make it a bit difficult for photography! I’ll let you know how I get on……




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