Blog like you mean it…….

First assignment!

My name is Georgie Moon and I love writing. I’ve written articles for magazines, but I’m hopless at WordPress. I have started this course three times (hence the name of my blog) but have given up before the end when it gets more difficult. I am determined to finish this time!


In the summer my husband and I live on our boat in Greece, but we are in the UK at the moment so I can see my lovely grandchildren. When we are back on the boat I would like this blog to be a record of our travels and life aboard our boat. I follow a few similar blogs and wish mine was as good!


Artemis on Fandancer

We also have a cat called Artemis. We rescued her when she was a kitten, and she is The Luckiest Cat In Greece (TLCIG). Β She has her own Facebook page (ask me for details) and she has appeared in a cat magazine, which has gone to her head, as she is very demanding!

As well as writing, I also like photography, cooking and exploring new places. I am looking forward to reading your blogs…..


6 thoughts on “Blog like you mean it…….

  1. I met many admirable boat cats during the years we lived aboard EvenStar, a Gemini 105MC… but our beloved, cat had passed prior to when we moved aboard (Rom was 16.5), so I always imagined what he’d think of living on a boat. After moving back to land, I returned to writing, and have been writing about Xander d’Hunter, a feline 007, who is Catamondo’s Sea Purrtector … he lives aboard Whispurring Winds a Gemini 105MC πŸ˜‰

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