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This is my third time round following the Blogging 101 course.

I managed to surprise myself and actually finished it in January, but I seem to have been signed up again, so here I am. I’ve been thinking of ideas for new blog posts, so until I have something scintillating to reveal, I’ll follow the daily tasks as set by Blogging 101 ….

One thing I have noticed is that the participants in this new Blogging 101 course are a different sort of blogger to those I met in January. Well, that’s my impression, anyway. There seems to be a lot more younger bloggers this time, lots of teenblogs appearing on the Reader. Also, I’m finding a lot more bloggers from different countries. I’ve read blogs from the Philippines, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Netherlands and New Zealand. I’ve hardly come across any British bloggers – are you out there? Like me, another group of bloggers seem to be quite experienced, but resurrecting their blogs again, this time round.


The Day Three task is to find blogs via five tags, read and comment.

The tags I chose to follow were –

Pinterest, blogging help, blog design, writing, social media.

I chose these because I want to improve the way my blog looks, and I would like to know how to link it to social media, which I am not fully understanding at present.

Some useful blogs I read and commented on were –

storytellergirl – Useful information on how to integrate social media with your blog.

accidentalhipstermum – finding a niche – it is always difficult to decide whether to blog about just one thing, or many.

writingwitheyeliner – How to spring-clean your blog

pushupspastapinot – not what I expected, but I found some funnies on her Pinterest board which made me smile….

grammarchicblog – ways to make your blog readers stick around.


I hope you like these blogs and will take a look too!



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