Working with Pinterest …

Blogging 101 – embedding content.

I’m still learning about blogging, and I don’t really understand how Pinterest can help.  However, I’ve followed the instructions and am attempting to embed some boards from my Pinterest site.

Please do me a favour and let me know if they work?

I live on our yacht in Greece, with my husband Tim and our boat cat, Artemis.
We love all things Greek!
Here are my Pinterest boards relating to these topics:


7 thoughts on “Working with Pinterest …

  1. I find a lot of photos for my main blog ( which gives tips for pet care during the week and humor on the weekends. I’ve also found a lot of inspiration for blogs, and try to make sure that I provide links back to the original. For instance, yesterday I found a yummy sounding recipe for dog treats, which was just coconut oil, a ripe banana and oatmeal – looks so tasty that I might have a taste, myself.

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    • Hi! I am redoing the blogging 101 course, and this was task 4. Not sure if it is the same task as when we did it in the January course? The instructions were on the email I was sent for task 4, not sure if I can copy it to you. But I might be sale to send you the links. Or I could try and forward the email to you? What’s your email address?

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  2. Thanks for replying. I think I remember that one when I did the course in January, only my site was new, I wasn’t ready to add it. Will go back and see if I can still find the email, maybe the link will still work.

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