A Friday puzzle for you….

Something different for you today …..  Do you like DINGBATS?

Solve the well-known phrases represented inside each square below.

Answers tomorrow!





9 thoughts on “A Friday puzzle for you….

  1. Hmm this is good!
    Fast Lane, half hearted, moral compass , ?, Once in a blue moon, back door, crossroads, crossbreed, ?, a friend in need, for instance, middle age, ?, your time is up, ?, summary,? , hit below the belt
    Thanks for the Friday fun!

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  2. I think:

    Half hearted
    Moral support
    Ready for anything
    Once in a blue moon
    Back door
    A friend in need
    For instance
    Middle aged
    Quite right
    Your time is up
    Travel overseas
    Forgive and forget
    Hitting below the belt


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