Further adventures of TLCIG (The Luckiest Cat in Greece).


Yesterday I told you how we rescued a kitten in Greece.  Artemis now lives with us on our yacht, Fandancer.   Click here to read the post.

Here is more of her story –


Artemis, our boat cat.

Having never owned a cat before, it has been such a thrill to have Artemis on board and she always surprises me with her antics. How can a cat jump so high? How can they get into such small spaces? How do they always find your toes to nibble when you are asleep? Everything is a game and she takes pleasure in the smallest things, like finding a discarded bottle top or sponge, or chasing flies. She loves to sit by the sink and watch the water disappear down the plug hole. She is very clean and will groom herself for hours. From that dirty black and greasy bedraggled ball of fur, Artemis has become a sleek, white cat with a tabby head and tail, with two small tabby patches on her sides.

Artemis has had lots of adventures in the short time she has been aboard with us. She didn’t leave the boat for the first four weeks, her choice not ours. One day she bravely jumped ashore when we were moored side-to, and then later she quickly learned to cross the gangplank. She is very attached to both of us and will now follow us like a puppy down the quayside when we are moored, and will come when called. Her first experience of meeting another cat occurred when we were moored in Sivota, on Lefkas. Artemis confidently explored her surroundings ashore and charmed all the nearby taverna visitors, but was spotted by a local cat who obviously wanted to interrogate our young interloper.

They had a stand-off at the bottom of our gangplank, and every time Artemis crept an inch or two backwards, the other cat would creep forwards. Poor Artemis lost her footing and the whole taverna gave a sharp intake of breath when she fell – luckily grabbing the swim platform with one paw with claws extended, and she scrambled back on board. The taverna cheered wildly…… Another time ashore she scaled her first ever tree, and found that climbing upwards was so much easier than coming down. Luckily we didn’t need to call out the Greek fire brigade, so we never found out if cat rescue was within their job description!



Artemis on watch….




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