Shopping with my Nannie…

Why I like going shopping with Nannie…..(as told by grandson Ted, age 4)


imageWe picked Nannie up in our car, and we sang songs very loudly all the way to the supermarket. Mummy doesn’t like me doing this usually, as she says it is distracting, but as Nannie was there, she didn’t mind.

Nannie says she doesn’t like being called ‘Nannie’, she says it makes her sound like a goat. ย She would rather be granny or The Grandmother. ย I made goat noises at her and she stuck out her tongue. ย  Nannies are great!


In the car park, Nannie undid my car seat belt, and I held her hand and we went up the moving travelator, while mummy put Charlie in the trolley. The travelator was great fun! It was like a moving path, going upwards. It felt quite wobbly and I held on tightly, but we were soon at the top. We waited by the lift so we could say ‘boo’ to mummy when she came out the lift with Charlie, but when the lift doors opened, it was a different lady with a trolley, and she had the fright of her life when we yelled ‘boo’ at her…. It was very funny!


Nannie doesn’t mind if I sit in the trolley although I am old enough to walk around. I told her I was ‘ever so hungry’ and she produced raisins, apple slices and a crunchy fruit bar. Nannies are great!

I wanted to get out of the trolley after my picnic, so Nannie lifted me out. She got my leg jammed under the bar, so I squealed, so she gave me another grape. I must remember this trick for next time.

While my mummy was looking at boring things like washing powder and tissues, Nannie and I decided to play hide and seek. We ran up the next aisle and hid at the end, behind a display of oven cleaners. When mummy came round the corner with Charlie in the trolley, we jumped out and frightened them! Charlie chuckled…


Nannie and I went to find the chocolate spread. On the way, Nannie wanted to look at other nice things such as biscuits, cereal, fruit juice. Then we looked at the baking ingredients. I like making cup cakes so Nannie said we could buy a box of cake mix. But she wouldn’t buy the ninja turtles ones as she said the icing was too green… But I like bright green icing!ย  Instead Nannie bought a packet of choc chip cookie mix, which sounded a bit boring.

We looked for mummy, and followed her round for a bit without her noticing us. Nannie told me to poke her on her bottom. Mummy was very surprised when she found out it was me! Then we had to go and find some fish fingers. Nannie pretended to be an ice monster and picked me up, turned me upside down and tried to put me in the freezer. I squealed as I was a bit frightened, but I really liked it and made Nannie do it again. Mummy got a bit cross and said that wasn’t how we should behave in a big shop. Nannie pretended she was an ice cream monster and nearly dropped me into the pile of iced lollies. Nannies are great!


When our trolley was full, we had to wait in the queue at the checkout. I got a bit bored, so Nannie said we could go down the travelator and wait for mummy at the bottom. It was such fun, I made Nannie take me down and back up the travelator six times!

On the last go, we spotted mummy coming, so at the bottom, Nannie and I hid in the little photograph booth near the door. It was fun, there was a revolving seat and a little curtain. Mummy didn’t see us hiding, and we said ‘boo’ when she walked past with the trolley. She said Nannie was a bad influence….

When we got back to nannie’s house, I told her I was ‘ever so hungry’ so she rushed to get me some yoghurt-covered raisins which she told me were dinosaur eggs. Then we made the choc-chip cookies. I stirred the mixture in a big bowl, we mixed in some water, squidged it together with our hands then put little blobs of mixture on a baking tray. Then Nannie let me wash up in the sink. Mummy never lets me do this! I played with the brushes and sponges and washed everything. Nannie didn’t mind when water dripped everywhere. Nannies are great!

I can’t wait to see Nannie again. I think she might let me stay overnight at her house soon. She said she will let me stay up late, and eat toast in bed in the morning.

Nannies are great!


9 thoughts on “Shopping with my Nannie…

  1. I find myself usually reading your blog close to when I wake and you never fail to make me smile. Nannies are great!
    I’m so lucky to still have mine. We live in different countries and I found myself missing her like crazy the older I got. Now I have a monthly phone date which is really similar to the phone calls we had when I was a child: I tell her everything I can think of and she dishes out encouragement and advice.


    • Thank you for reading my blog! Yes. It’s great to be a granny. I miss my four little grandchildren so much when I’m living in our boat in the summer. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime….

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