Bad blogger!

Why am I so bad at blogging?

I started of with good intentions with the Blogging 101 course in January, and have posted something on my blog almost every day since. But it’s getting harder….

1. Sometimes I just don’t have the time! But if I don’t blog, my stats will go down… When it gets to 8pm, and I’ve not blogged, I’m getting desperate. What can I write about? I frantically scour the Internet for ideas. Shall I write a list of something? Shall I write a review of something? Shall I write about some where I’ve visited? Quick! It’s almost 9pm now…..

image2. I have the bright idea of writing about how to do something. Like a recipe. Or a sewing project. But what I normally do, is forget to take photographs while I’m making the recipe, etc. So I start off gathering the ingredients for flapjacks, or fudge, or chicken casserole. Where’s my camera? I’ll use the iPad. Click! Then I get carried away weighing and measuring, adding to the bowl, mixing, and before you know it, I’m putting the dish into the oven to cook. Dang! I forgot to take more photos!


3. I decide to comment on some other blogs. I’ve read that this is crucial if you want people to like you back, and if you are lucky, they might follow you. I have forgotten which blogs I follow, and I’ve forgotten how find out who I follow. In desperation I resort to scrolling down some of my old posts to find any comments so I can comment back.


4. I decide to make my blog look more attractive. I experiment with some new themes , but I’m worried because some of my carefully designed home page seems to disappear randomly when I select a new theme. I panic. Where’s my Facebook widget gone? Where is my photo?

5. I think I need to know more about Twitter. I have a Twitter account, and my new blog posts get shown on my Twitter feed. But what else am I supposed to do? I know nothing! What should I say to my three followers?

6. Pinterest. Another mystery. Before I started a blog, I spent hours looking at Pinterest, making new boards for myself, finding beautiful pins about holidays in Bali, chocolate gateaux, adorable kittens. I always wonder how people make their Pinterest photos look so good? I manage to pin one of my recent blog posts to one of my Pinterest boards. But how do I get people to look at it? I search for a tag which relates to something on my board on Pinterest. Nothing happens, I can’t find it, I’m swamped by other pins on the same topic which are more beautiful and interesting than mine…

7. I schedule a post to appear at 9pm. I’ve read that the time you post is very important. I don’t get this. If the best time to post is 9pm, is this just in my country, or worldwide? What about different time zones? If it’s 9pm here, it will be 3pm or 8am elsewhere. Does this matter? Who knows…..?

8. I look at my statistics for the fifth time this evening. It’s interesting to see that my silly post about cats gets twice as many likes than a serious post about a newspaper article.

9. I find some popular blogs about how to make your blog more popular…… I think I will write a list about why my blog isn’t popular…..




28 thoughts on “Bad blogger!

  1. LOL…you’re not a bad blogger; you have a life! I’ve run into the same trip-ups in the past and have found that now that I have a somewhat regular cadence to what I blog about on specific days (with lots of free-form space), it is easier to write blog posts ahead of time. When I have a couple of hours that I want to devote to blogging, I try to write at least 4-5 days’ worth of posts and schedule them out. Takes the pressure off quite a bit.

    Just keep having fun!

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  2. Dont panic! Its supposed to be something we do for fun. I started off with best of intentions and now find I use few words and post photos instead. Challenges are useful too as these are self-explanatory – today’s is Wordless Wednesday i.e. just a picture. suits me just fine.

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  3. I think the first thing you need to do is pinpoint what you want to blog about. I blog about pet care tips + humor, but have friends whose blogs are scattered over a variety of topics, so one never knows what they’ll blog about next…. and they wonder why they don’t have many followers.
    If your blog is based at wordpress and you have a g-mail address, then your posts can automatically show up on Google+ as well as Twitter and Facebook.
    PS: Like Jansenphoto, I try to schedule a simple post per day when I have time during the week, then IF I happen to come across a great post that fits my blog’s theme, I reblog it later in the day.

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  4. Thanks for your support. I think this is one of my problems, I don’t have a clear focus for my blog. I want to write about living aboard a boat, the cat, the grandchildren, photography, sewing, writing! Do you think I should start separate blogs for all these? Is it not a good idea to produce random posts?


    • I have the impression that your blog is about your life. I click on your posts every time because I want to see what’s up in your world. I’m sure it doesn’t seem fascinating to you but it’s absolutely thrilling to me. I like hearing about Artemis (and the way she views her humans), your experiences both on and off the boat, your travels and your life before now. It’s the ‘randomness’ that keeps me coming back :).

      On days when the muse is chattering in my ear I prep posts. I also give myself writing prompts of things that may inspire me later and of course there are those days when nothing interesting is happening or I’m feeling too glum to want to share my bad mood with you guys. Those days I try to comment extra on others.

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      • Thank you so much for reading my post, and for your kind comments! I will continue to post random blogs until I get back to the boat, then hopefully it will be more sailing and travel oriented. Also cat oriented. Artemis is presently on holiday with relatives until we collect her and take her back to Greece…..

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  5. I did feel a bit like this sometime back. Now I write a few posts in advance. I also write down any possible blog idea that I think of,and when I’m coming up blank,I go through the list.
    I try to do about 2-3 posts a week,and because I only have limited internet time a day,I spend the other days going through my reader.
    Having a blast with it all is key. I never understand the stats so I just don’t look at them. I just go with the flow.
    Guess this is about the best way I try not to be bad blogger;-)

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  6. I can totally relate to these thoughts! Especially the part about getting scattered and zipping from one thought to another–while never getting anything accomplished on the blog. I’m not so worried about getting it all figured out right now, though. I’m just wandering my way around and making it up as I go along… Maybe we’ll figure it out… someday!

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  7. Totally getting the pressure to blog to keep stats up etc etc. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a lifestyle blog but maybe pick three main threads to focus on, like boats, photos and grandkids then just throw other stuff in occasionally, good luck anyway, this was an entertaining read

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  8. Thank you for reading and for kind comments. When we get back to the boat and are sailing again, it will be more of a travel blog. Until then, I feel I’m just filling in, posting random blogs, but will keep going……

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  9. You write well. The posts may be random but that they are interesting. Keeps people guessing about your next post. It works very well on personal blogs. You need a set topic only when you have plans to monetize it somewhere down the line. Otherwise you can just use the tags wisely. Just my opinion.

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  10. I just found your blog recently, but I think your writing is compelling, and all the random ideas make me feel right at home. I am fascinated by a life on a boat, a Grandma, no less! Since I live in a very different part of the world, I love to read about yours. I have been blogging for years and am happiest when I forget about stats. I wish I could get rich blogging, but it’s not going to happen, so who cares?

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    • Hellooo! Thanks for reading my blog and for your kind comments. It sounds like I’m looking for sympathy but I’m really not, just looking for other bloggers’ ideas. I’m certainly not in this for the money! It’s just interesting to see how many people are viewing your blog on different days and times. Good luck with your blog too!


      • I agree, the stats on the countries you are getting views from are fascinating. Even a little frightening, to be so public! But it is neat how small the world becomes on the interwebs. I feel like I have a friend in Greece when I read your posts, which is what I really meant to say. 🙂


  11. No, you are not a bad blogger. I did the “Blogging 101” challenge in January, now I have the same problem as you, I have done 54 posts since the beginning of my site in January.
    I’m at a loss what to write about now. I have now started joining more weekly challenges, but that’s not helping.
    Never mind I’m in the same boat as you.Ha Ha, not your real boat though I don’t think I would ever do what you are enjoying in life.
    Don’t worry, keep smiling and writing.

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  12. I don’t worry about my stats. They do go down if I don’t write anything, but if I worried about them it wouldn’t be a personal journal. If you write what you like then the addiction to blog stays. I am loving your blog Georgie. We used to have a 31 ft Norwegian sloop and I lived on it on my own in Southern Spain for a while when I got a new job in Marbella. My husband was left in Portugal packing and selling up our house there. Even now he tries to convince me that we should sell our half-owned home and just buy a boat to live on.


  13. Thank you for your kind words. Wow, you’ve had some adventures! A Norwegian sloop in Spain, working In Marbella, that’s amazing. Are you actually in Southampton now? I’m not too far away, we are back in the U.K. for a while, renting a house near Havant until we return to Greece in April or May. Keep up your good blog!


  14. Don’t worry too much about it, when you feel like something is coming to your head, then write something and publish it. I can totally understand your thoughts, so were mine in the beginning. Nowadays, I post a picture every Tuesday and a written one on the weekend. Better to write about something you care about than feeling the pressure to just write about anything just so that one feels satisfied. And when it comes to different topics: you’re writing what is moving you, that itself is a topic as a whole 😉


  15. You’re showing all the classic signs of blog burnout, Georgie. Blogging should be all about fun. It should never stress you out. If it does, then you either have to call it a day or make some changes. Never be forced to have to publish something every day, otherwise, you could end up writing and publishing poor quality posts. It’s all about quality rather than quantity. If you force yourself to publish posts then you could end up losing rather than gaining followers.

    In answer to one of your questions. To find out which blogs you are following click on reader (in the top left of your blog page) and then click on ‘manage’ (next to followed sights). You’ll then be presented with a list of all the blogs you follow.

    I hope that helps?

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    • Hi Hugh! Thanks for looking out for me! I realised that I do know to find which blogs I am following! Part of my post was tongue in cheek, when you get to know me better, you will realise what I’m like! I do like writing and blogging and will do so when I am able. There’s such a lot I want to do – I’d like to change the theme, I must add sites to my blogroll as I’ve never done that. I need to learn more about widgets. Onwards and upwards !

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      • Ahh, well you got me, Georgie. I was completely taken in by it. I’ve read many a post like the one you’ve written where bloggers have said they just can’t cope with the stress blogging brings them. Some left altogether, some changed their blogging methods and stayed. I once faced a similar position, changed what I was doing, and wrote a post about it. The post went on to become my most popular by number of comments and likes.
        I know you are already participating in the WordPress 101 course and that it’s a great start when it comes to finding out what blogging is all about.


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