Conversation with the cat….


More conversations with the cat….


“Artemis, you’ll have to move in a minute, You are lying on an old piece of towel which I need for something else”.

No, I am a goddess and this is my day bed, I am lying here and not moving.”

“But you’ve been lying there for over three hours. Wouldn’t you like a bit of exercise, maybe a stretch and a bite to eat?”

I repeat – I need my rest. I have a lot of prowling to do later tonight.”

“Look – I’ll swap that bit of old towel for one of my best comfy cushions with Greek embroidery on…”

“I’ll think about it….. dont rush me. It took me ages to get settled and now you want me to move. That’s not a very nice way to treat your cat goddess, is it?”


Yet more sleeping….

“….and also you are blocking the locker door where your boat daddy keeps his tools, he might need something in a minute….”

Why are you treating me so badly? I’ll report you to the animal cruelty society…..”

The cat yawns lazily and changes position.

“Come on, let me lift you onto this cushion……..”

Loud screech and claws extended…..

Don’t touch me!  I’ve spend hours cleaning my gorgeous white fur…..”


Sleep time again…..

“How about some early dinner? You can have chicken pate or seafood chunks.”

“What about some of that luxury gourmet stuff they advertise on TV? How about you feed it to me by hand, in small pieces, then I won’t have to get off this cushion?”

Male boat human arrives, opens locker door, sending a furry feline flying. Cat slopes off and settles down on top of the female’s best fleecy top…….



Artemis waits for her servants to attend…..

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4 thoughts on “Conversation with the cat….

  1. Tabby is clapping his paws – she said she thinks she met Artemis once on a god get together. She will look in now and again to pick up some tips about how to train humans. A feline after her own heart she says. “Tabby why am I writing this for you?” “Mrs. Human, because I told you too and I don’t have opposable thumbs on my paws to write- OK?”


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