Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – “Under”

In response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge where the prompt was “Under”,

here is my photo:


Under the trees, Ithaca

Would you like to be sitting UNDER those shady trees at the taverna on the water’s edge?  This photo was taken in Vathi, on the island of Ithaca.  The water was crystal clear, with the little fishing boats bobbing about in the sunshine……

The island of Ithaca is situated in the Ionian Sea, off the north east coast of Kefalonia.


Vathi is the biggest town on the Ithaca.   The island is very popular with sailing yachts,   and together with the other harbour towns of Kioni and Frikes, everywhere gets very crowded with boats of every kind in the summer months.    If you do not arrive by boat, there is no airport on the island, so you fly to Kefalonia then catch a ferry.




12 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – “Under”

  1. Thank you very much! Could you give me a 30 second lesson on how best to use Twitter? My posts appear automatically, but should I be adding more stuff? Tweets? Hashtags? Any advice gratefully received.

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    • Yes, always add hashtags to your tweets, but never any more than four at a time. When you add hashtags, Twitter will tell you if they are popular as they will appear in a list as you type them. For example, I just tweeted this post and added the hashtags #greekislands, #trees and #photography. They all came up as I typed them in. Never use hashtags that have nothing to do with your tweet. Getting people to click on a link when using a hashtag that has nothing to do with a post will lose you followers.

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