Don’t forget to clear your cache!

I’ve been tearing my hair out for two days as I couldn’t get WordPress to work properly on my iPad. I thought it was a WordPress glitch, so waited and waited and kept checking back, but there was still a problem.

My home page would open, but when I clicked on anything else, like ‘Reader’ or ‘new post’, the new page would be corrupted and I couldn’t do anything. So no posts from me for two days, grrrr!


Finally I decided it must be an IPad problem, so on the old laptop, I googled ‘WordPress site corrupted on iPad’ and I came across a very useful page on the “Which” consumer site, which suggested I clear the cache on the iPad. Apparently using any web browser without clearing the cache can cause problems over time, including the iPad Safari. It can lead to tabs refusing to close, and corrupted pages. I expect you all know this already, but I am a complete numpty when using any sort of technology, so I am very pleased with myself and have given myself a big pat on the back for finding this.


How to clear the cache

It’s dead easy to clear the cache. On the iPad, go to Settings and in the left hand column click on Safari. In the right hand column, look for Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. It is good to try these as a first step, but it won’t clear all of the cache.

To clear the cache fully, go to Settings – Safari then click on Advanced, then tap on Remove All Website Data. This will do the trick. It is good to do this for apps sometimes, if they refuse to open. For example, I find newspaper apps sometimes freeze up.

It seems to have done the trick and I can use WordPress again on my iPad, so I’m back in business!



4 thoughts on “Don’t forget to clear your cache!

  1. Wow! I knew computers had caches, but it never occurred to me that an iPad would, too … bet this is why mine has been acting sluggish … she’s only 3 years old, just think how clogged she must be! Thanks for sharing this tip.

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  2. A good (techie) friend has been telling me to do this for at least seven months yet had failed to tell me HOW. So glad you found me today so i could find this out! following now…consider me stalker number 1,268,435,599,476…lol


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