Harmony is the theme for this week’s photo challenge.   I’ve chosen this photo to represent the theme, as kitten and husband are at one with the world, in complete harmony…..


In Harmony….

This was taken not long after we rescued a Greek kitten from under a truck in the town of Limni, on the island of Evia, during our summer sailing in 2014.   We called her Artemis, and she has lived happily on our yacht  with us, ever since.  She is very attached to us, and follows us like a puppy.   When we go ashore, she follows us down the quay to the taverna, and gets lots of admiring glances as she poses for photos.   When we are sailing, she will sleep in the cockpit, and in the evening at anchor, she likes to patrol the deck or sit up on the sail covers.

Artemis has featured in an article in Your Cat magazine, and even has her own Facebook page.

A few weeks ago she was interviewed by another famous boat cat, Bailey, who has an amazing website.  Read her interview here on Baileys page.

I’m afraid my husband doesn’t have a Facebook page, he’s never been interviewed and wishes to remain anonymous ……


11 thoughts on “Harmony…..

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