What’s in your fridge?

What’s in your fridge?

I found this blog prompt from a Pinterest board…..


Contents of my fridge!

My fridge looks quite full, but not that much to make a decent meal.
In the door, bottom shelf, a tiny bit of white wine, some semi skimmed milk and an unopened carton of orange juice.
Middle shelf of fridge door are the condiments and sauces. There’s a big debate over whether you should keep tomato ketchup in the fridge or not. I think if there’s room, anything can go in the fridge. Except honey. Don’t put that in, it’s difficult to get out the jar if it’s been in the fridge. More condiments, jams, pickled, on the top shelf of door.
Top shelf inside the fridge – a very poor drinks department. Some bottled water, I never drink it, don’t know why it’s there. Two tins of tonic water to go with gin, if we had any, and a bottle of fizzy pink prosecco which was a Christmas present that we haven’t yet drunk.
Below that is my chocolate shelf. Plus a carton of tomato juice which is now probably out of date. I just fancied some when I was in the shop, but now I don’t.
The middle shelf has the eggs, two fruit jellies I made, (I did make seven but they’ve nearly all been eaten by me) a jar of sweet peppers and a carton of tomato and basil soup.
Under that, is some left over cheese, left over bacon, some mackerel fillets, spreadable margarine, and an unidentifiable jar of something lurking near the back….
More butter, grapes, blueberries and some cans of lager on the bottom shelf. In the two drawers below is a selection of fruit and veg, I can see a bag of apricots, left over from a Morrocan chicken dish, half a butternut squash, a large sweet potato (I was planning to make these last two into soup) and some left over cauliflower.
So I think my fridge isn’t too disgusting this week. Nothing looks out of date, or mouldy. And I could probably survive by making a cheese omlette with bacon for lunch…….or soup, followed by jelly with blueberries. And I shan’t dehydrate, there’s lots to drink!
What’s in your fridge? Is there anything you can’t identify? Or out of date?


4 thoughts on “What’s in your fridge?

  1. Your fridge is so well organized!I love that you have a chocolate shelf. You inspired me to give mine a tidy.
    Right now mine has condiments, veg for Bunny, some leftovers, a carton of eggs and some minced meat thawing


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