The Daily Prompt – OBJECT.

OBJECT is a very interesting word, used in the the Daily Prompt today, because it can be both a verb, and a noun. “I object to that worthless object you brought home.”


Object – noun or verb?

Here are some more sentences I found on a website, using the same word as both a verb and noun in the same sentence.

We went to camp at the top of the mountain at the old mining camp.
The fish were biting, so we decided to stay longer and fish some more.
The charge on the credit card was charged to the wrong person.
I will not drink that strange blue drink.
Everyone on our block decided to block off the street for the party.
“I will cook you your favorite meal,” said the cook.
Don’t forget to lock the lock on our garage.
Number from one to ten and don’t forget any of the numbers.
She began to laugh, and I realized that it was the loudest laugh I’d ever heard.
When I traded with Billy, I knew it was a good trade.
I could smell that smell from across town!
The stress of the exam began to stress me out.
“The object of the game is to win,” I objected.
“I cannot reply to your reply,” I replied.
I like to surf the biggest surf I can find.
The hunt began early, for they were determined to hunt down the criminal.

Sometimes nouns get turned into verbs. For example – we bookmark websites. We email, text, and message people. We friend and unfriend (or defriend) people on Facebook. We tweet about topics that are trending. We blog.

Proper nouns are also used as verbs. If we don’t know something, we google it. We skype to keep in touch. We youtube to watch video clips. And we facebook and whatsapp people about what’s going on. A colleague of mine recently found himself saying that he’d ebayed something.

Outside the world of technology, it seems that nouns are being verbed wherever you turn. At the airport, we were informed that ‘Passengers who are transiting need to follow the transit signs.’ Around the same time a friend facebooked ‘let’s coffee soon!’ I’ve since discovered that ‘Let’s Coffee’ is the name of numerous coffee shops around the world. There’s also ‘Let’s Burger’, ‘Let’s Seafood’ and no doubt many more.


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