Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – “Calm”

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – this week the topic is CALM.

As a sailor, I don’t like it too calm.   If we have to get somewhere and it is too calm, that means the sails won’t fill and we have to have the engine on, or we’d never get anywhere.

i love it when it’s calm when we are anchored for the night.  It will be very quiet and still, with a wonderful view of the stars.

My photo was taken in Messolonghi, Greece, situated in the Gulf of Patras.  It is well known to sailors, as there is a big Marina here where people leave their boats for the winter.  The harbour is approached through a two mile long shallow channel, very picturesque with fishermens huts on stilts standing out of the lagoons.  This fishing boat has been well photographed by many, if you Google ‘Messalonghi images’ you will find lots of photos of this same boat.

i took the photo in the early morning, the water was like glass.


Messalonghi boat


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