Colour Your Day – Purple Heart.

Purple Heart  – I thought this would be a difficult colour to find in my photo collection, but I did manage to find half a dozen, and I’ve chosen some for this post.



My first photo is of a lovely window box, full of wisteria.  What is surprising is that I found this window in the Plaka district of Athens.


Greek window, Sifnos

My second photo is also from Greece – some beautiful purple shutters from the island of Sifnos.  They stood out, as all the surrounding houses had blue doors and shutters, as is typical of the Cyclades islands.


Aubergine festival

Guess what – my third photo was also taken in Greece!  At an aubergine festival in a little harbour village on the east coast of the Peloponese.  Aubergines themselves are, well, more of aubergine purple in real life, but these decorated pebble decorations seem to be more Purple Heart.

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for looking!


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