Thursday doors…..

It’s that time of the week again!   Thursday doors!

I’m afraid that most of my door photos have been taken in Greece.   Greek doors are so photogenic and picturesque.    Even the very battered and ancient ones are beautiful.


My door photo this week, is three for the price of one!    They aren’t particularly old or battered, but I think are rather smart.  They were taken in the Greek harbour town of Astros, a small town on the east Peloponese coast, in the Argolic Gulf.


We have sailed both sides of the Peloponese mainland, to Methoni and Monemvasia, but never actually sailed around the bottom.  Astros is what we call very ‘greek’, there are few tourists here, but it’s a great place to visit by boat.   There is a fabulous ruined castle to explore, with amazing views from the top.   There is also a modern ampitheatre overlooking the sea.  The main street is pedestrianised, and each evening it gets very busy with local people promenading, eating and drinking in the tavernas, and children playing.

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