It’s a cat’s life …..

Miaow!   It’s Artemis here, the Luckiest Cat in Greece.  at least that’s what my servants call me.   The Luckiest Servants Ever – that’s what they should be called….


My proper home is on the servants’ yacht, a fabulous boat called Fandancer.  However, they have left the yacht in Greece for the winter, and brought themselves, and me, back to the UK for several months, allegedly to see friends and little people called grandchildren.

It’s more complicated than that – these brainless servants have rented a cottage in Hampshire where cats are not allowed!  Whoever heard anything so preposterous!   So I am on holiday at the moment, with some relatives of the male servant, in Northern Ireland!  I’m waiting to hear whether they are going to collect me soon, or take me to another holiday home in deepest Essex!   I’m not a piece of luggage, you know!

Anyway, here’s a few photos of when I was a young kitten, a year or so ago, supervising work on the boat …


Here’s me supervising the washing up….


Every day the servants ask me some stupid IT related question….. I keep telling them to get a proper mouse!


Here I am supervising the cooking of the evening meal.   You can’t trust these servants, I have to keep my eyes on them every second of the day…


My day’s work is never done.  Now I have to check she’s pegged out the washing properly…


Now I have to supervise the male human when he is doing some cleaning of the topsides. He should be polishing much harder ….


And finally, he’s bound to mark that line in the wrong place if I don’t supervise….

I’m going for a lie down know, this boat work is exhausting!  I think the female servant will be pleased if I snooze on top of her clean washing….




7 thoughts on “It’s a cat’s life …..

  1. Such a gorgeous cat, I hope he’s not too disappointed with the weather in this part of the world. We had to leave our cat in Spain with the neighbours when we moved back to Ireland. He suffered from asthma in the cooler winters over there. Can you imagine what an Irish winter would have done to the poor thing? Enjoy your stay back in the UK.

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