Are you addicted?

Oh my goodness, I’m addicted. To blogging.

I’ve given myself a stiff neck and a numb rear end.  I’ve been working on my blog since 9am this morning, it’s now almost 2pm. A shame I’m not even getting paid for it!

First of all, I received the first assignment for my new new WordPress course.  It’s all about commenting on other’s blogs, and the first assignment was to find three completely new blogs and make nice comments on them.


So firstly I chose a blog by lady who lives in a very cold Scandinavian country, who has travelled to lots of places in the world.  This is what I commented on her blog –

“I clicked on folgen denne bloekker or some other foreign words, I think it might mean follow this blogger, so as you can see, I am already proficient in whatever language that is. I am doing that short blogging comment course and you are helping me with the first task as I have to comment on three new blogs and I found yours. I cheated a bit as I just went to the ‘reader’ and yours was top of the pile…
I have only one comment to make – I never ever want to live somewhere where the temperature is minus16. I like it HOT HOT HOT. Even though I am currently in the UK where it is never that HOT HOT HOT in the summer we go back to Greece and live on our boat where it can get very hot! Anyway, it’s such a British thing to do, to talk about the weather. So I’ll go now. It looks like I will enjoy your blog, so I am now Folgen denne bloekker…..”


Then I found a great blog by a cheery wee woman from Scotland, and I wrote –

“Hello you cheery wee woman from Scotland….. I’m doing the WordPress Bootcamp thingie about Comments and you are helping me! I’m looking for new blogs to comment on and I found you in the Commons. I get put off by blogs if I cannot find their About page, or where to comment. You passed on both counts, so gold star for your lovely blog! I’m also pleased to meet someone from the UK, I’ve nothing against blogs from other parts of the universe, it’s nice to meet people from elsewhere, but some people don’t understand my sarcasm or my silly humour! Also I like the sound of you making little craft projects….. So hello from me.”


My third choice was a  colourful, well-designed blog from the other side of the world

I commented –
“Well, anyone who likes travel, loves the colour orange, and has won a bravery award from the Queen sounds wonderful! I am doing the WordPress Bootcamp comment thingy and need to find new blogs to comment on. You are helping me out here, thank you. I just found you on the Commons page. Your blog looks very interesting and I look forward to reading more about you.”


THEN just as everything was going so well, I had a brain malfunction and decided to change the appearance of my blog.   So I clicked on ‘themes’ and started to choose a fabulous new theme for my blog which would immediately attract hundreds of new followers.   I was planning to have side bars, a gallery, a calendar, links to masses of interesting stuff…… Well, to an IT dinosaur like me, this is not an easy task.  After several false starts, I chose a new theme and was pleased that I did manage to get something up and running.

But the joy didn’t last, I found that what it looks like on my laptop and iPad is not the same.  On the iPad, the sidebars disappear and you have to scroll right down to the bottom of several posts before you find the ‘about me’ section, the gallery, and my Fscebook link.   Grrr.   And on the iPad, it doesn’t show my pages menu.  Double grrr..   Oh well, back to the drawing board……


11 thoughts on “Are you addicted?

  1. Oh I love this immensely and was shocked at the shout out! Thanks so very much 😀 Loving the bagpiper chap and his deadly serious stare! I’m off to check out the other blogs you mentioned – oh and themes are a nightmare aren’t they?! My commiserations on your endeavours….I quite liked the way it was….*ducks* 😀


  2. I entirely understand that sudden desire to change themes–and the challenges that go along with that! It’s like having all sorts of wardrobe choices and not knowing what they look like until they’re on. It’s good to have choices, though! 🙂


  3. Your blog looks great. I am addicted to blogging, I read well over 100 daily and try to comment on them all. I need a WordPress class, after almost 2 years, I still have a lot to learn.


  4. Wow, reading 100 a day! That’s impressive. Thank you for kind comments. I have yet to find my niche. Or perhaps my niche is just to write about random things!


  5. I know I am addicted to blogging….although it is starting to worry me that I now blog while sleeping…at least i think I do, as I remember being asleep yet planning on what to write! welcome to the crazy world of blogging!


  6. Thanks for listing me in your post today Georgie!! I’m thrilled to be included and that you found my blog ‘colourful and well designed’. I’m doing the bootcamp thingy too and really enjoying finding lots more blogs to become addicted to. I love the idea of sailing and your blog looks great! My most recent experience of sailing is a cycling/sailing trip we did around the islands of Southern Dalmatia in Croatia a year or so ago. We would cycle across an island during the day and the boat would meet us at a new location each afternoon. We’d then sail onto a new island and do it all over again the next day. It was brilliant fun!!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the bootcamp, Thanks again 🙂

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