What’s in the attic?

My place of work

I don’t go to work in a traditional sense. I’m lucky enough to have retired early. In the summer months I live on a boat, but during the winter we come back to the uk and take a rental property so I can spend time with friends, and family.

I love this little furnished rented house, I wish I could live here always. But sadly we will only be here until the end of May. So I’m making the most of it. One great feature is that there is a good size attic room, reached by some steep stairs through the second bedroom.


There is a fitted desk with an office chair. This is where I have my sewing machine. There is also space for laying out and cutting material, and room for the laptop computer, a desk lamp and books.


Office desk and chair

There is a roof window where the sun streams in. Underneath the window are two foldaway chair beds which are piled up with my sewing materials and half finished projects.


Sewing materials

In the corner by the stairs, is a small glass table belonging to the house, with some rather vile artificial flowers in vases. These are not mine, please don’t associate me with such bad taste! Whoever owns the house does have a strange taste in decorations. There are abstract pictures, old photographs and very horrible curtains. But hey, we are only here for a short while. I can put up with them!


What’s in the attic?

So this is where my blogging mostly takes place, where I sort through my photos, fill notebooks with ramblings. This is where I do my sewing. I like to make fabric baskets, toys, and zipped purses. I give them all away as presents to friends and family. I’m always looking for bits of fabric in charity shops, or the remnant bins in haberdashery shops.


Sewing fabric baskets


12 thoughts on “What’s in the attic?

  1. That’s an unusual blog, Georgie. Good too. I don’t think I’d like to live on a boat although I do love boats. I’ve had two. One was on the boring Broads and one was on the River Thames. I loved to go for weekends with friends and/or family

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  2. Thanks for reading. I really want my blog to be about boat life, sailing, places we visit, but as we ashore and are back in the uk at the moment, I’m having to write about random things such as sewing, cats and cooking!

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    • Well, it would be very nice to have someone on board to talk to, who doesn’t just talk about the weather, or uses engine terms I know nothing about, or spends most of his free time unloading the tool box all over the floor and never clears it up again….

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      • Haha! Yes I have one of those – except his topic of choice is history, which frankly bores me to tears. Present life is difficult enough without harking back to the follies of war. AND he never does the dishes!


  3. Georgie, I was told not too long ago that I was a woman who always had to be involved with a project. This was a man’s comment. Yes, I thought, he was right. I was involved with all the bringing up the children projects, working outside the home for over 30 years project, cooking, cleaning, being a wife projects, and all the routine daily living projects. Now I am involved in Projects that that mainly are of interest to me! Love it!


  4. Hi Georgina,
    I know what it’s like to live in a rented house with furniture. My husband and I lived in one of those for about a year. I loved living there, but at the same time, I hated the furniture. So I understand completely when you tell us not to think you have bad taste.

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  5. Thanks for your kind comments, Camila! Yes, I find it difficult that I can’t go and buy lovely things for the house, such as cushions, rugs and lamps. Maybe one day I will have my own house, who knows!


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