A very Royal hair-do…..

This week I will be posting some articles I wrote when we lived aboard our yacht Fandancer in the south of France over the winter of 2011.   We had sailed from Portsmouth, UK, in October 2011, via the French canals and waterways.



We took the masts down in Rouen and carried them on deck.  We travelled on the Seine, and stayed a couple of nights in the marina in the centre of Paris.   We then headed south via the Saone and Rhone, and arrived in the canal town of Beaucaire in December 2011, staying there and living aboard for 4 months……..


OK, just a quick five mins to spare, so I thought I would tell you about my visit to the Coiffure in Beaucaire yesterday. I just picked one to go to at random, as there are literally dozens of ladies hairdressers here, as there are in every town. Even some tiny villages we have been through on the boat had a Coiffure but not any sort of food shop! They also always have a dog grooming parlour, which is hilarious! No Boulangerie or bar, but you can get your dog washed!


A very nice French lady called Veronique was in charge, she did the colour, covering up acres of chevaux blancs, then a young boy aged about 12 took over. He spoke not a word of English, but we had a form of conversation in which we established that he had five sisters and a brother, he was the second oldest, he lived with his girlfriend, he can speak Creole, he has relatives in Guadeloupe and Martinique (French colonies somewhere ). He had heard of Portsmouth because of the football. I ran out of French after that!

When he washed the colour off my hair, he used what I can only describe as cold water. He asked me if it was ok and I said it was too cold, but a) either he thought I said MORE cold, or b) they had a problem with their water heating, or c) French ladies always get their hair washed in cold water. So I put up with it.


I noticed they didn’t use any conditioner or any products at all, no mousse, blow dry lotion, styling creme, nothing! Maybe I should have asked first.
Anyway, after a very thorough wash, Veronique returned, cut my hair just how I like it, then asked me how I wanted it dried.

“Not too curly please, just bouncy curls, smooth not frizzy” I replied.

“I will make your hair like the Quinn ov Inglint”, she told me.

OhMiGod I thought, she is going to make me look like an 80 year old Royal lady with tightly permed grey hair ! Help me!

“No, no, not too tight curls” I tried to explain.

Then I had a thought – ” OHMIGOD SHE IS GOING TO DO MY HAIR LIKE CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES!” as she is also blondish with bouncy blow dried curls! Do they think CPB is the actual Queen? Has there been a death and we’ve not heard about it?


(I’d just like to point out that this photo was taken a considerable time before I visited the coiffure, and I no longer look like this, I am now disguised as short grey haired old woman. Short hair, not short woman….)

Anyway I was actually quite pleased with the result of my apres-midi en coiffure, although I wore a woolly hat for a couple of hours afterwards to calm the bouffant style down a bit …

We’re just about to go out for a Christmas lunch with about 10 or 12 other boat people to a local restaurant, so if any of them ask me how Charles is, or where I got my hat for the royal wedding, I’ll have to have words with Veronique ….


10 thoughts on “A very Royal hair-do…..

  1. I actually just realised that today we are supposed to share something personal in the comments (doh!) so I shall share that my own hair is short and somewhat spiky, with Mother Nature adding her own personal shade of grey throughout! 😀

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  2. I have had my hair every color known to man! I always said when I thought it was completely white that I would quit coloring it and go with the flow! Well it was and I did. It really is a liberating feeling. I got it permed too because I do not have time to mess with it. I can’t believe the women that stop me and tell me how much they love my hair! Especially the color! Big surprise!

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  3. Definitely like a Quinn! Wonderful post thank you! Will be back to read more of your travels (and maybe share with you one day my disastrous boating holiday story….) .


  4. Lovely story 🙂 My experience when I go to hairdresser is showing a picture of hairdo that I like and asked the hair dresser to do exactly like that. Even I lived in France for 6 years, I still don’t know some words that we use in hairdresser. 🙂 Anyway, one day if you are crossing river seine in Rouen don’t hesitate to contact me, I live by the river. 🙂 – Liza

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