Here’s an Easter rant from me…..

Time for a rant, I think. My posts have been too boring and nice, lately.


Coloured eggs

Easter. Where do you stand on this Christian festival? Do you think it should be holy and religious, as intended? Or should it be all about the Easter Bunny, presents, heaps of chocolate, and egg hunts? Or is there room for both?Today I went to a big supermarket that shall remain nameless, but rather a downmarket one. It is the nearest one to me that has a pharmacy, and I only went to buy cold remedies as I have a bad cold, but couldn’t resist a quick look round, as I live a sheltered life and it’s a treat to go out without TH (the husband) trailing behind. Why didn’t TH volunteer to go for me, I hear you ask? Well, he’s got a severe mega intense much more serious strain of a rare man-flu version of my cold, eg exactly the same as me, so of course he can’t lift a finger….


Easter decorations

I was astonished by how commercial Easter had become. There were aisles of tacky Easter decorations, ornaments, cards and bunting. Plastic bunnies, bonnets and bright yellow chicks. Miles of chocolate eggs in coloured packaging. There were signs saying “Easter Bunny please stop here” which implies children are expecting gifts of some sort. I heard one woman say to her squawking child that it was ‘three more sleeps until the Bunny comes.’


Easter bunny

Do the younger generation actually know what the purpose of Easter is? I felt like doing a quick survey on the nearest ten kids (that’s another thing, why weren’t they at school?) and I bet you anything you like that the wouldn’t mention Jesus, the last supper, a cross, a donkey, Mary Magdalene or the hill of Calvary. Do the shops actually know the purpose of Easter? All they are interested in, is making as much profit as they can.

It seems that everyone is compelled to take part in an Easter egg hunt, where you either find chocolate eggs and eat them on the route, or you have to find little plastic eggs with gifts inside, collecting all the evidence in a plastic basket, while wearing some bunny ears. This has all passed me by. My children are grown-up and have children of their own, who have been frantically making Easter bonnets all week, and designing cards at nursery for their mums.


Easter eggs

When my children were small, we never did any of this, and neither did their friends. We bought them one medium sized chocolate egg each, and that was all. Grandparents may have added to the egg collection, but it wasn’t compulsory. At school we sang Easter hymns – “There is a green hill far away…” was my favourite, I knew all the verses and could play the tune on my recorder.


Easter church service

On Easter Sunday we had a roast dinner, but nothing as splendiferous as the one at Christmas, and then after a hot cross bun at teatime, it was all over. Now it seems that the shops are expecting a feeding and drinking frenzy for several days, judging by their advertising, and products piled high in the shops. You can buy hot cross buns almost every day of the year. When will it end?

And while I’m ranting, why does Easter fall on a different date every year? Wouldn’t it be simpler if it was always the same date? Think how much easier it would be for schools, and booking holidays. If Halloween always falls on the same day, which isn’t even a religious holiday, why not Easter?


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46 thoughts on “Here’s an Easter rant from me…..

  1. “outside a city wall,
    where our dear Lord was crucified
    who died to save us all.”
    I agree. Easter and christmas have been taken over by stores hoping for a profit and the kids haven’t a clue what the holidays mean anymore.

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  2. Since I have had a family of my own and live in Switzerland I have learnt to dislike Easter very much. Shops closing on Friday and Monday are definitely not my thing, and all this easter egg hunting neither. Today it is just Mr. Swiss and me and that is fine. The only easter stuff I have are the free colourful bunnies I got from the supermarket because I had enough stickies to put on a card and one day I will give them to my grandchildren if they are ever manufactured. We have no chocolate eggs, no chocolate bunnies. I don’t need them or want them.

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    • Same here, I don’t want any bunnies or eggs either. I think all our shops will be open except for Easter Sunday, I feel sorry for people who have to work in shops over the holidays.


  3. Oh, dear, where do I begin?!? I dislike most holidays, particularly the ones that have gotten commercialized beyond recognition.
    The question about Easter is where the actual roots are – are they a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection or are the real roots in the ancient pagan spring fertility festival, which used prolific rabbits and eggs as symbols?
    Thus, the problem seems that two sets of very different beliefs claim the day.

    BTW, have you ever noticed how the ancient pagan festivals often happened in conjunction with a celestial event? Christmas is generally near solstice and Easter is close to equinox.
    PS: this morning was my annual physical – the doctor’s office had a Christmas tree decorated with Easter eggs…..

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  4. I reply with caution and respect.

    My parents were both raised Catholic (both went to Catholic school and both taught in Catholic schools). I was baptised Catholic, but my family stopped going to church when I was about 5. I only know the basic basic basics of Easter (I am getting a really big education this year, as I’m in Spain, and it’s a BIG deal).

    I’m not Christian, and it’s not a high holiday for me. Easter (like Christmas, and so many other high holidays) has been commercialized, and I am a sucker for anything fun. I respect those who celebrate/acknowledge/observe these holy days for their original purpose; however, I am not immune to chocolate, a day off, and and a cute bunny.

    From my perspective, waiting for the Easter Bunny is no different from looking forward to Santa or picking out a Hallowe’en costume. It’s a transition. It’s celebrating in a way that is different from how it was originally intended.

    On another note: I hope your husband lives another day. Those Man Flus can be horrific! And, you… stop your snivelling with your whiny woman cold, would you?!

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  6. I agree that Easter ( and all holidays) are too commercialized. What confuses me is that The Last Supper was a Passover dinner and yet Passover isn’t until April this year. I would think it should fall the Thursday before Easter or Easter would be the Sunday after Passover.

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  7. Ugh, another Hallmark Holiday. We (me and Mister) don’t do Easter in any way shape of form. Neither of us grew up celebrating Easter (either chocolatey or religiously) so its just time off work for us. Our kids don’t do anything either – oh, and school age children up here are off until Tuesday, then back at school for 4 days, THEN have a fortnight off! Someone got paid for deciding that, pffft!

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  8. There is a way that one figures when Easter will be. It is a scientific calculation. I’m for real. I love the chocolate bunnies, and all the sweet things. I love Easter baskets, and parades. I love the music, and all the commercialism, but I know also the real meaning of Easter. I believe I went to every Easter Egg hunt when I was a child. I don’t go but to one a year, and that is at our church. It is small, and if the kids don’t come, the adults hunt for the eggs.

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  9. If we can get past the religious and use the cycle of myth, it all makes sense to me. But religion so gets in the way. Christmas is NOT the major celebration. In the myth cycle, winter is death; spring is birth and resurrection. AND, let’s look at the facts: “Higher levels of civilization must depend even more heavily on a conscientious respect for the importance of honesty and clarity in reporting the FACTS, and on a stubborn concern for accuracy in determining what the facts are.” They rolled back a giant stone? And there was stand a…giant bunny? Really? Now what happened to the old Catholic feast day, The Circumcision of Our Lord, January 1…

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  10. I hope the man flu dissipates soon Georgie!! And that you get better soon too.

    Easter is a funny one for me.
    I’m not at all religious but I am respectful of it. I see it as a time of new life and new beginnings – flowers, trees, earth springing back to life.

    Because I have 3 young boys, the Easter frenzy is hard to avoid. That said, school are traditional, despite the diverse ethnicities there, and both boys went to church for an Easter service today and were reminded of why it’s celebrated. Respect and tolerance. So important. Even if we don’t believe, it’s important to understand.

    We don’t go overboard. No Christmas tree hung with eggs, no bunny sign or Easter bonnets…just a few Easter eggs and a roast with the family like most Sunday’s.

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  11. Most religious festivals seem to be placed so that they override the pagan festivals. Rather than cavorting in the fields to celebrate and consumate the fertility rituals of the coming of spring, our christian fathers thought it wise to drag the flock into church to contemplate the torture, death and mystical resurrection of the son of God. So much sackcloth and ashes instead of the sowing of seed.
    But we have never forgotten our pagan roots and so go to church and pray then go home and celebrate the god of fertility, the rabbit and eat eggs to boost our supply, in preparation for the cavorting.

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  12. Loved reading this post! So well written – both my husband and I laughed out loud re: the rare man flu strain. I couldn’t agree more with the points you raise! In the 1980s, my sisters and I had one egg each – each year either a Smarties one or a Buttons one (I think those were the only ones KwikSave sold 😀). Now in the same town in the Midlands, my nieces and nephews have Easter Bonnet parades at their nursery?! The celebration of this festival has changed so much in a relatively short space of time. Beyond recognition!

    Ahhhh “There is a Green Hill…” – I had completely forgotten about that hymn. And now I can’t get it out of my head. It really was a great one – I used to sing my heart out to it!

    Enjoy the weekend.

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  14. George: Sorry that my rant got caught up in my old-time religion. Some of your other readers said it much better. What are the facts of a celebration? We have lost sight of our pagan mythology. And the life cycle. We have covered it with chocolate. It is Spring. Supposed to be new life. Hope. Does not seem like it right now. But we do believe April showers bring May flowers and all that. There is hope. And, yes, some do believe it is in the resurrection. Happy Easter!


  15. I think there’s room for both, Georgie. I’m not religious at all but I do enjoy both Christmas and Easter because it’s generally when families get together. I have nothing against anybody wanting to celebrate these times of the year in any way they want. Shops opening just about every day of the year is now a sign of our times. That’s why Christmas and Easter have got so commercialized. The greeting card shops now even display signs announcing Grandparents Day, Teachers Day, Nurses Day…it goes on and on just so they can get a little bit more money off you.

    If there is one thing I could change then it would be to ensure that all shops are closed on bank holidays so that people can be with their families. Then again, some shop workers get offered double pay or an extra day off for working on a bank holiday, so they will do it. Of course, not everyone can take a bank holiday off from work. Nurses, Doctors, Police are but a few who have to work.


  16. Yes, very sensible answer, and I agree with all this. I used to be married to someone in the food retail area and I used to get so mad when his shop had to open on bank holidays as it was disruptive to family life. I think they should all close on bank holidays.
    A Nurses Day? Are you kidding me? When will it stop? Soon there will be a bus drivers day, a window cleaners day and a gardeners day…. Just ridiculous….


  17. I agree all our religious festivals and traditional celebrations have been tainted by commercialism but in our house we still celebrate and keep the old beliefs and traditions alive. Having said that I would like to see a fixed date for Easter. Life would be much easier and no more 4 1/2 week terms!

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  19. Thanks for the follow and what a pleasant rant! Your post makes total sense. The holidays have become so commercialized that the true meaning is lost. I can see a church sponsored Easter egg hunt but to see shelves upon shelves of candy, toys, etc. is unfortunate.

    I can understand it may be annoying that Easter is not celebrated on the same day each year but the Easter celebration date has a lot of meaning. I think the true meaning of Easter would be completely lost if was celebrated on the same day each year.

    Thank you for a worthy rant. 😉

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