Innocence – One Love….

One love is the Friday Photo Challenge for today.

I immediately thought of this cute photo when I read today’s challenge title.

These adorable cousins are also my grandchildren.  There is only one week’s difference in their age.  This was taken last year when they were on holiday in France.

They are unaware of the horrors in the world, dangers they may face, struggles they may encounter, pressures to succeed.   All they know is the fun they share each day, the joy of exploring the world, sharing happiness with their families, and the innocent love they have for each other.


Kissing cousins 



6 thoughts on “Innocence – One Love….

  1. I love this picture. We all have memories of our children’s first kisses at an age when “monkey see monkey do” represents a big part of their learning. It’s sad that we can’t protect them from life harsher realities as they grow up and learning methods change.. Thanks for the reminder of a gentler time in life.


    • Thank you! I look forward to embarrassing them both by bringing out this photo at family gatherings when they are grown up…


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