Comments, sarcasm and an old door…

Well. Yesterday was an an interesting day, blog wise. I had the most views and comments for ages. It was probably partly due to the Commenting Bootcamp tasks where we have been finding new blogs on which to make comments, both agreeing and disagreeing. So thank you, fellow bloggers, for that, and keep up the good work.


It’s amazing how many bloggers made comments about the Easter Bunny.  I was also very surprised that my photo of this old door  of a shed, attracted a lot of views!

Now, let’s just have a word about my sense of humour. Yes, we are not all the same. Some, like me, are blessed with a warped mind from birth, which clearly shows in our writing. If, like me, you were bestowed with the heavy sarcasm, rhetorical thoughts, wit, and controversial criticism gene, then these are the bloggers I love.

When I throw out a question like “why do we have an Easter bunny” – or – “what is the true meaning of Easter”, I didn’t expect a serious mini essay on Pagan rituals of newness and rebirth. Although I thank you for the time you took to write this, I yawned as I read it.


Also, if I suggest to a fellow blogger that she should lock her children in the understairs cupboard for the day, so she has time to blog and drink gin, I didn’t mean it. Ok? It was supposed to be funny. No need to phone Childline…..

Do you ever think about bloggers who were keen to follow you in the heady days of January when your blog was new? Are they still there? Have they unfollowed you? Are they lurking – reading what you post but not commenting, and saving up a huge comment when you really touch a nerve? I’m sure I have some like this. One blogger who shall be nameless on a writing site, made it clear that they weren’t looking for frivolity or childishness when reading blogs. I readily agreed, as I wanted to make a good impression and show I could be a serious would-be writer….. Oh, how I have failed.


It’s funny how your blog changes as time goes on, isn’t it? (Rhetorical question there…. No need to reply). Are you influenced by what other bloggers are writing, and do you wonder if they are getting more followers then you because of their humour, writing style, or fabulous photos? I know I am.

Are you worried that you don’t have a niche? God, I’m worried about everything now!  (I’m not actually praying to God at this point – just a figure of speech).  Going paranoid! So I think I’ll just carry on as always, some serious posts, photos, daily rantings, travel pieces, interspersed with daily challenges (that Crayola colour  one is a killer!)


I’ve got a friend from Germany coming to stay on Sunday, she has invited herself for five nights – not seen her for over 12 years, so I’m not sure if I will have time for blogging. Any hints or tips for dealing with a Germanic female guest, while trying to blog in secret, will be gratefully received…….
(That last sentence was not rhetorical, by the way….)


21 thoughts on “Comments, sarcasm and an old door…

  1. Oh dear lordy, I thought I was the only one who overthought blogging, ha! Ok, lemme answer a couple of things…yes, I did wonder about “my” followers and fellow bloggers back in January when I did BU101. I also made sure to follow everyone who followed me, because I thought I was being *nice*. However, I don’t have time to read blogs that really haven’t got anything I enjoy reading, so I unfollowed many of them. They possibly in turn have unfollowed me – and thats fine. I would rather have 5 followers who interact and chat with me, then 5000 who just press like and move on. I’m also trimming down my dashboard list of follows, because again, I like to have something to say when I read a blog post (can you tell? 😀 ) Niches? well, I can’t say if I have one or not. I’m just sharing things I love, and (thankfully) it didn’t come out of a craft magazine, so I think I’m alright. (One thing I hate is bandwagons). I love your blog, and I enjoy posting comments *ahem*. Before I go, I would just focus on your visiting friend, feed her up and show her the local sights. Nobody makes memories of blogging, y’know. Life matters more! *scuttles off with a handful of crayons and some cake*


  2. I love your blog. I wouldn’t worry too much what reactions you get – it is your blog after all. As for blogging while there are guests, find out if she is an early riser or early to bed type of person. Then blog first thing or late at night. But you can always take a break – we are all entitled to a holiday.

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  3. Oh Georgie, you just make my day! I knew you would recognize that post about you! I still hear from seven bloggers, regularly, that followed me from the beginning. The rest come and go. I started the blog to write for two people, my hubby (who always says, “I just love the way you write”) and my sister. So I believe any followers over that has been a plus!

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  4. I laughed at your comment about kids in the cupboard – on more than one occasion, I have received strange looks when asked where my children are and I reply “I left them chained to the radiator. Don’t worry, I left them snacks too.” My 3 children have inherited the warped sense of humour, and at parent-teacher meetings, I am often asked fairly odd questions in regard to their care. 🙂 🙂

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  5. Hi Georgie, there’s a lot of truth in what you say, but to save you yawning I wont elaborate.
    Perhaps telling your Germanic guest that you’re going into your study to watch Fawlty Towers will give you some time to yourself.
    Have a good weekend, Helen

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  6. That did make me laugh out loud, especially no need to phone Childline! I’m not the best to give advise about Germanic females (not sure I know any) or keeping up blogging (mine is also secret but was abandoned for a fortnight whilst I was busy)


  7. I’m impressed that you are writing every day. You know, from living on a boat yourself, that there is plenty of ‘material’ for me to blog about every day but not nearly enough internet.
    As for my followers, I have too few to concern myself so I just write to my own mood and hope someone is reading
    Like your kitty, my dog always gets better reviews than I do!
    Just keep plenty of beer on hand this weekend.

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  8. Thanks for your great comments. Keep up the good work, I love your blog, very envious of your location….. It’s pouring with rain here….


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