A cat who loves her food….

A fellow blogger requested more cat photos –

so here’s one of Artemis, our boat cat, helping to clear out the locker.  I’ve cunningly used it for a photo challenge at the same time – clever, huh?

Red-Violet is today’s colour for the Crayola challenge.

It’s been variations of red all this week.   Do you know how difficult it is to distinguish between brick red, radical red, scarlet?   Now we are on to red violet, and I found this photo of my cat sitting amongst a pile of cat food in red violet packets ……


Cat food

I then found this cartoon relating to cat food, which I think is very funny, and very true!


Cat food cartoon

In the photo, I was cleaning out the locker on the boat where we keep the cat food, and of course, Artemis was helping.  Some of the food has been in there ages, as she will not touch it, even if she was starving.  Sometimes she eats one variety for weeks, and won’t touch anything else, then the next day she refuses to go anywhere near it!

Have you ever seen what happens to a cat when you open a tin of Greek octopus?  She went absolutely mental!  Practically begging for it, must be the smell.  Wound herself round me like an anaconda.  Drooling.   Well – keep drooling, cat, it costs about four euro a tin, you won’t be getting anymore until your birthday!


4 thoughts on “A cat who loves her food….

  1. My dog is like that with treats. But, for whatever reason, she knows the healthy dog treats, and just turns around and walks away, with the expression, “how could you possibly expect me to eat that?” We’ve tried several brands and flavors to no avail. My neighbor loves, it because her dog then gets the treats, and that dog will eat anything!

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