Writing guest posts for a travel blog.

I recently wrote a guest post for a sailing holiday website…..

I’ve been trying to expand my writing horizons and I came across a great sailing holiday company website called Zizoo. This friendly company will help you to charter a yacht and do all the research for you, including your chosen location, type of yacht, number in your party.


Yachts anchored in Lakka, Paxos

They have access to hundreds of yachts and cater for all levels of sailing experience.   Did you know that you can even go on a sailing holiday without ever having been on a boat before?   Zizoo will arrange for you to have a professional skipper for the duration of your sailing holiday.

I noticed that they charter a large number of yachts in Greece, but did not have much information on their site about what it is like to sail in Greece,  or recommended places to sail.  I emailed the company and made contact with the very helpful Hristina, who runs the website.  I offered to write an article for them, which they accepted, along with some of my photos.

You can read my first article for Zizoo here.    

Would you like to go on a sailing holiday?


13 thoughts on “Writing guest posts for a travel blog.

  1. There are lots of international airports on the more popular islands. Then head for the ferry port and take the first ferry to wherever it goes…


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