Greek sunsets…..

Seven stunning sunsets….

I could have posted 50 wonderful sunsets, but the alliteration doesn’t work quite so well…  So here are my seven current favourites.

greek sunset

No 1. Ionian Sea

No 1 above, taken from deck of our yacht Fandancer, anchored at Zakynthos.


No 2 sunset at sea

No 2 above, taken at dusk, sailing from the toe of Italy, just sighted Greece on the horizon.


No 3. Naxos sunset

we arrived at Naxos after leaving Paros, on our big trip around the Aegean Sea.


No 4. Sunset at Platerias, Greek mainland

– one of my favourite sunsets, sadly not our boat in the photo, we were anchored along the coast a bit.  We came ashore for a sundowner, and I took this photo as we walked along the beach.


Number 5. Kithnos sunset

A fabulous anchorage, this was taken from the taverna on the beach.


No. 6. Corfu sunset

We left Fandancer in Garitsa Bay and hired a car for the day.  We drove up into the hills and went to see the old ruined village at Old Perithia.  A wonderful place to explore.  I took the photo on the way back down the narrow roads with sharp hairpin bends.


No 7. Sunset, Mitikas

I call No 7 ‘Sunset with Pants’.   I took it in the little Greek town of Mitikas while we were exploring one evening.  There were lots of little streets between the houses, leading down to the sea, and this house just happened to have left the washing out….


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