Thursday Doors….

It seems that lots of people are fascinated by photographs of doors, and certainly my entry last week received lots of comments, thank you kind viewers.

For this week’s entry for  Thursday Doors, I have chosen the door of a shop.


This was such a cute little shop, in one of the little streets in Preveza.  It was very tiny, I’m sure I missed it the first time I walked past.  Peering through the window, I could see shelves of old-fashioned cameras, flash guns  tripods, light meters, and boxes of old photos.  It seemed such a strange shop to have in a town like Preveza, and I wondered how many people actually went in.

Most tourists only know Preveza for its airport, and never go into the town.   The town is what I describe very Greek,  there are few shops selling gaudy beach towels or souvenir mugs.  The British seem to pass it by and go on to Lefkas, or Parga.  In the evening the narrow streets are buzzing with local people who have come in from the little villages in the country, to spend some time by the waterfront.  There are lots of little alleyways which all look the same, so it is fun getting lost.   One of the best Greek tavernas we have been to, can be found in the middle of the town.  You actually have to sit outside in the narrow alley, and there are so many tavernas it is difficult to see where one lot of tables end and the next one starts.   At the weekend, the place is packed, and it’s always great fun to eat where the locals eat.

Here are a few more photos from Preveza …..


A shady place to sit in Preveza

Even the benches have smart cushions!


Look where he’s parked his bike!


24 thoughts on “Thursday Doors….

  1. Was reading about your adventurous travels. I take it you still live in Greece? For a wedding anniversary we spent a week in Athens -which was over the top – love the food and the atmosphere there. Love the door of the shop – still with some Russian lettering! and the patio, the bike on the ceiling in the last is so Europeasn:):)
    Just yesterday I read about the middle Eastern people setting themselves on fire (not clear if it was at Lesbos, or not) – am glad the Grecian government is wising up to their “tricks”

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    • Thanks for your kind comments. We are back in the UK at present, but flying back to Preveza in May, to go sailing for the summer. Yes, we love Athens too. A great place. Luckily no refugees or immigrants in our area of Greece.


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