An English country pub.

We said Auf Weidersehen to my lovely German friend on Thursday night.

Very very early on Friday morning, while we were still sleeping, she crept downstairs and out of the house and made her way to the nearby station, then on to the airport.


Enjoying a British country walk….

Our house has been struck down with the deadly flu plague virus for the past fortnight, although we did manage to ensure our guest enjoyed herself by taking her out on trips to view the amazing British countryside and coast.


The tide was out……

Today, we felt much better and decided to treat ourselves to another drive round the Hampshire/West Sussex countryside, and find a traditional British pub for lunch.  We came across the Three Horseshoes pub in Elstead.  This is a pretty village on the edge of the South Downs.


The lane through the village probably hasn’t changed for centuries.

The pub was built in 1540, and once used to be a butcher’s shop before becoming a tavern.  1540!  That’s 476 years ago.  King Henry VIII was on the throne, and in this year, he married and divorced Anne of Cleves.  Columbus had only just reached America.


The Three Horshoes Pub, Elstead

Inside the pub, there are lots of low beams, original bricks, low ceilings and an amazing fireplace.


Nothing better than a roaring fire….


Enjoying a drink by the open fire.


Three horseshoes……

Outside in the extensive gardens were many tables, with a view over the countryside to the rear.   There were lots of chickens running around the place too!


12 thoughts on “An English country pub.

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I love old English pubs. They have such atmosphere. I like to imagine what they’ve seen and heard over the centuries. It’s hard to believe there were thriving communities here hundreds, possibly thousands, of years before Australia was even “discovered”.

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