Give me a challenge…..?

I’ve come across lots of bloggers recently, who are taking part in daily or weekly challenges, and turn them into great blog posts.

My challenge to you is to find me some challenges that I could participate in, as I don’t know where people are finding them all from!


Daily challenge…

I know about the  Daily prompt, The WordPress Weekly photo challenge, and also Thursday doors photos, and I sometimes dabble in the  120 days of Crayola colour challenge.


Find me a challenge!

But I’ve also seen an A-Z challenge, an iPhone Friday challenge, and several others.

If you know of any, please let me know – either writing, photography, quizzes, books etc, anything.  I would be really grateful.  It’s good to have something on-going, or something different prepared on those occasions when you are too busy, or have a blank brain…….



14 thoughts on “Give me a challenge…..?

  1. When you receive the daily Prompt go to the page where the subject of the prompt is and you will see the text “here are the steps to get started”. They are underlined and are a link. click on the link which takes you to a page with about 3 or 4 links to click on. Otherwise look through your reader to see what the others are taking part in. Usually if someone takes part in a prompt they put a link somewhere in their post to take you to the prompt site. I get most of my ideas from my reader where the people I follow are doing prompts. I look to say what prompts they are doing and decide whether to take part or not. Hope this has helped, otherwise ask for further information. Oh and Dai that goes for you as well.

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  2. I am joined in the 7 day photo challenge at the moment and it is a lot of fun. I will nominate you tomorrow and then you can post a photo a day for the next 7 days with a nature theme. (I can only nominate one a day and I have already nominated for today. see it here.
    The garden photo challenge is open to everyone go over here to see the rules. the theme changes each month. Hope you enjoy these.

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