A travelling cat….

Hello furriends, Artemis here, the boat cat.     Actually I haven’t been on a boat since October last year.   I think I’ve forgotten how to tie a bowline, and how to start the outboard motor….


It’s a long way up that mast, Artemis!

I thought I’d put you in the picture about what’s been happening to me since October. The humans brought me back to England via an aeroplane, train, ferry and car.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to stay in their rented cottage.  My female servant optimistically thought she could sweet-talk the owner of the cottage into letting me stay, but I got evicted!  They had to find another home for me, but despite asking everyone locally, I ended up going on holiday to Northern Ireland!  My male servant’s brother and his wife live there with four other cats and two dogs.


Artemis on the prowl….

After a long drive to the ferry, a night in an Irish bed and breakfast, and another long drive north, the humans eventually delivered me to my lovely new holiday home.  It has been fantastic here, lots of woodland to play in, trees to climb, places to hide and mice to be hunted. But all good things have to come to an end, and the Irish servants could only keep me until April.

It has now been decided by my original servants that they are not going to take me back to my boat in Greece!  I heard that they are going to sail the boat back to England this year, and when they get to the French rivers and canals in August, they are worried that I am going to leap off the boat at every lock we go through.   I probably will!  I am a very curious feline and love to go exploring.  They won’t be able to find me, and I might get lost.


Artemis is always curious about everything.

So they’ve decided I should go on another holiday, and this time they are soon going to take me to stay with the male servant’s daughter in Essex, and they will collect me when they are back in England with the boat in September….

So I will get to be a proper boat cat again, in about five months’ time.  That will be pawwsome!

14 thoughts on “A travelling cat….

  1. Ah, the hoops we animal servants jump through to keep you furry friends happy and well taken care of while we toodle off on our adventures. You are seeing more of the world than many, many people, Artemis. Enjoy!

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  2. Yes, I think they miss me a lot! I am looking forward to lots of treats and presents when I eventually get back on the boat….. Miaow.


  3. I don’t know if I could give up the cats for a boat trip…and I so adore boat trips. it is difficult enough leaving them at home when we go for a few days to a B&B or camping.

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  4. Yes, it’s a difficult one, but with my sensible head on, I think cats don’t really mind who looks after them, as long as they are fed and pandered to. I’m sure we will miss Artemis more than she missed us. But we will meet up again soon!

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  5. What a lucky cat to have so many homes to go too. He is living an adventurous life and you will be looking forward to being reunited eventually. Your photos are delightful. I have nominated you for the 7 days of nature photography Georgie and these photos would be purrfect for the challenge. I hope you can find the time to join in.

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  6. I am glad that your parents are worried for your safety and found a nice place for you to stay. I am sure they will miss you though.


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