Weekly photo challenge – landscape

The theme of the weekly photo challenge  is Landscape.

I’m not a landscape photographer, the lovely views I see in front of me never seem to materialise in the camera.    Also, most landscapes don’t have a lot of different colours in them, although I like landscapes at sunset.   So here’s some photos my entry for ‘Landscape’…… Comments and criticisms welcomed.


This was taken in the Highlamds of Scotland, on a beautiful June day.



West Desn Gardens, with views over to the Sussex countryside.


Photo taken in Wales, near Hay on Wye.  Typical Welsh hills.


You may be surprised to find that this photo was taken in Greece, on the Ionian mainland, late September.  This part of Greece is very green as they have a high amount of rainfall, mostly in the winter months.

Do you have any tips for taking better landscape photos?

22 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – landscape

  1. That’s very kind of you, thanks. I like to think I have a good “eye” but I don’t know that much about the technical stuff of cameras etc. Also, I like editing photos very much.


    • Thank you, Doris, for those kind words. As I said, I’m not that excited by landscspe photos, too much green! Apparently, Corfu, and all the Ionian islands, have a higher amount of rainfall than some parts of the U.K. In winter. I have seen photos of rain up to the top of car tyres in Corfu town!

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