Thursday doors…..

I just had to show you these doors.

I think they are a very British phenomenon.   Up until the 1950s or even 1960s it was common here for most private houses to have outside toilets, often situated some distance from the house. I can remember the one at my grandparents’ house very well.  These doors are actually situated in the garden of a very old English pub that we visited last weekend, quite unusual to see facilities like this!    I’m pleased to report they also have indoor toilets as well…..


Outdoor toilets in an English pub garden….

Have you ever been to a British pub with an old-fashioned outside toilet?

Why not join in with the Thursday doors challenge?




15 thoughts on “Thursday doors…..

  1. Georgie, my great grandmother had an outhouse in her garden and the two things I remember about it was the whiff you got long before you got there and the huge flowers that grew around it to try to hide it


  2. My grandmother had one at the far end of her yard. As children we had to use it during the day so as not to wear out her stair carpet going to the upstairs (indoor) toilet. The outdoor one had spiders and cobwebs. I hated it . Good post by the way even though it brought back creepy memories LOL

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  3. In Ireland in the past the men’s toilets were often outside, and I mean really ‘outside’ as in against the back yard wall. lol. I remember whenever we visited my maternal grandmother, I hated using her outside toilet as it was often cold with cobwebs on the ceiling. She also used torn up newspaper as toilet tissue. That’s an experience to write a post about.

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  4. I’ve never been to the biffy at a British pub, but I spent my childhood running to ours at our lake side cabin. Not fun to be the first one out in the morning – cold seat!!

    Great doors. I have a strong preference for biffy doors with the crescent moon cut-out. That, to me, is classic.

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