I haven’t come across this photo challenge before, but this week’s topic of old photos interested me, so I thought I’d join in.

I have a collection of old photos relating to my girls’ boarding school in the UK.  One day I would like to write a book about my boarding school life.  I attended 1970-72, which is probably before most of you were born, but believe me, some girls attended even before I was born, so they must be really old!


School publicity brochure

The school was on the outskirts of Cheltenham, and was situated in a large Cotswold stone Manor House, dating from the fifteenth century.  It was a beautiful building, but of course you don’t appreciate such things when you are very young!  Unfortunately the school closed the year I left (hopefully nothing to do with me!) and it has now become one of the only five-star rated hotels in Gloucestershire, overlooking Cheltenham racecourse.


An old publicity photo, before my time, but the uniform, desks, and wood panelling stayed the same!


Group of girls, in summer uniform, outside the school theatre.


Old school photo, on the front lawn, with school behind


photo from 1960s, a few years before I started

One of the reasons I went to the school was because they had their own ponies!  You could take your own pony, have riding lessons in the indoor riding school, and go to horse shows.  The school had it’s own cross country course, too.


Riders on the school ponies


Ponies and riders near the stable block





  1. how strange..I just finished reading a book written by the horsemaster of a girl’s school (now a hotel in the Cheltenham area)….it was marvelous to read about his interactions with the girls there and their love of the ponies…then you posted this. I wonder if it was the same school?

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  2. Ooh, tell me more! Please can you tell me about the book? There was a lady riding instructor when I was there, but a few years earlier it was a man, who was the father of one of the girls.


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