Seven weeks and counting….

I’ve just realised that in less than seven weeks time we will be back in Greece on our yacht Fandancer, for the summer.

“Lucky thing!” I hear you say….. “Wish it could be me…”

I’m not looking forward to it.   I’d rather stay here.  


Fandancer at anchor, Meganissi

I’m very well settled in our little rented cottage, and I’ve loved the last six months.  I’ve met up with so many friends, I’ve seen lots of my children and luscious grandchildren.  I’ve loved the shops, English country pubs, trashy magazines, watching everything on TV.  I’ve enjoyed doing lots of cooking, knitting and sewing. I’ve even enjoyed the peculiarities of the British weather.   You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming back to the boat.


Sunset on board

But I’ve got to go back.   It wouldn’t be fair on my husband to make a fuss and want to stay. It was him who agreed to us coming back over the winter so I could spend time with my young grandchildren.  If it was up to him, I think he would spend the rest of his life  floating around the Greek islands and never coming back to England.  So now it’s his turn to enjoy some boat time.     Don’t get me wrong, I love the hot sunshine, doing very little every day, eating out at tavernas several times a week, swimming in the sea off the back of the boat, having an ouzo or glass of wine on deck at sunset, exploring new places.


Drinks on board near Skorpios island

But I get very homesick.  I can always phone up people if I want to, but rarely do. I miss just dropping in on friends, meeting people for coffee or a chat, babysitting for grandchildren, having people to stay, bumping into friends when I’m out. I miss having English radio on in the background, and I miss tv.   Yes, I know the Internet will allow you to listen to radio and watch TV,  but we don’t always have wifi or internet connection.


Fandancer under sail

Sometimes on the boat, we might go several days or longer, without speaking to many people.  We say hello now and then to the folks on the next door boat when we are in harbour, but realistically we don’t spend a lot of time with anyone else.    That’s fine for my husband, he’s not very sociable and prefers his own company, but sometimes I could just scream!   I have been known to go up to random people in a supermarket or a bar, when I hear them speaking English, and try and start a conversation with them!


20 thoughts on “Seven weeks and counting….

  1. Wow that was a short 6 months! Despite the fact that I would love to sail the Greek Isles, you have summed up exactly why we sold our catamaran and moved back to the states…. Skype can fill the friends/family gap just so long.

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  2. Well, yes, I would like to have a go at sailing around for a bit, but I do understand where you are coming from with the home comforts and family. 😀 Hopefully you will still be able to keep in touch with us landlubbers, haha!


  3. Thank you! Well, I did start my blog in order to make you jealous of our Greek island visitations, but at the moment it is just a random collection of ramblings….


    • No I don’t think so. We have done this for the last three years but we are thinking of sailing the boat back to England. We are both not getting any younger and it’s much easier to get things done on the boat, do renovation, buy and install new stuff etc back in the U.K. We might end up going to France or Holland on the boat from UK, who knows?

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  4. Boy I would love to see Greece but I would be homesick too. The transition every 6 months would get to me and make me feel as though I’m living out of a suitcase, not good for me. I love how adventurous you both are and all the beautiful sites and stories you have to tell the rest of us.


  5. Hi Georgina
    We land in Corfu on May 5 and will weave our way down to Preveza over the next week or so. We might catch up for a natter. You can practise your English albeit with an Aussie accent. Message on facebook about your movements.


    • Hi Dave
      Tim is flying to Preveza on May 4 and will be working on boat in Ionion Marine yard until I join him on 25th. I’m sure we’ll meet up along the way…


  6. Once you are back on board and get under way, it may feel very different…missing family is always an issue though. You will savour the last 6 months until the next time. Happy travels….

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  7. As you can see from the other replies you are very much not alone in your feelings. It seems wherever I am I miss somebody now.
    We sold our last (liveaboard) boat largely because I was less enthusiastic. Now we’ve had a few years as dirt dwellers a boat is much more appealing again and it’s N’s turn again. Definitely just for summer this time, though.


  8. I feel for you. Home is where the family is – I’m just the same, I like to stay near the grandchildren, although I love to travel. Anyway, if you’re anywhere near Athens and feel like a chat in English, give me a buzz

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