An old English village…..

Yesterday we woke up to sunshine, and as TH (the husband) is constantly checking the weather, he thought we should get out in the fine weather before the clouds and rain arrived later.  We drove a few miles to Bosham, on the coast.   This is a very old village,  situated right on the sea, and if you park your car too close to the water, you can be certain it will be partially covered at high tide!   In the local pub there are many photos of car owners who did not check the tide tables….


These cars would have their wheels covered if it was high tide!

It is believed that Bosham was inhabited in Roman times, and there is a Roman villa at nearby Fishbourne. Bosham is mentioned in the Bayeux tapestry, in 1064, and the Domesday Book in 1083. The first church was established here in the year 800.


Reference to Bosham in the Domesday Book.

There are houses of different ages in the village, and of different sizes. As a lot are near the water, they often have water or boat related names, like ‘Tidesway’, ‘Before the Tide’, ‘Mariner’s Cottage’, ‘Anchor House’ and ‘Storm Waters’.


A house with a sea-related name…….



Pretty fishermens’ cottages not far from the sea.


We need a sign like this on our boat!

We later walked round the indoor shops in Bosham Walk.   There were lots of craft shops – everything from home-made jewellery, cushions, greetings cards, home furnishings, pottery, lamps, wall hangings.  I took a few photos.



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